Thursday, January 12, 2006

Photo Shoot

I have had a little photo shoot on the patio. Its ok as I was in a rush but think I can improve on it. I have been running around trying to sort everything out as we will be away for a bit. Finished a whole load of necklaces for a local shop to sell. Then had the catolague delivered that I have brought some advertising in, feel a bit stressed as what bad timing and I hate people having to wait. Dylan is being looked after by our nieghbour incase you were getting worried. I think he will be spoilt rotten. He might even get some time in front of her aga and will have her chickens to keep him company. See you all soon with some photo's of our trip.


lorna said...

Have a great trip!

PG said...

It all looks very professional - hope you don't come home to a fat spotty blob-rabbit! (Our cats always stuff themselves when someone else is looking after them..)