Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm back from a whiz bang tour of south America. Our photo's have been shot on slide film so I will have to wait to put some up here.

I'm sorry I did not have any time to draw but when we stopped each day eyes shut and I was asleep.

Door to door these are all the forms of transport we used.

Car, minibus, plane, airport bus x2, plane, taxi x4, plane, taxi, bus x3 ,coach, boat, bus, boat, bus, boat, coach, bus, taxi, plane, taxi, plane, taxi, bus, bus, lotand lots of walking, minibus, bus, bus, hire car, more walking, plane, hire car, plane, taxi, plane, airport bus x2, plane, minbus, car

This is a list of all the animals we saw Flamingoes conders humming birds loads of other birds I did not know the names of sheep cows guanacos sealoins penguins elephant seals lizards armadillo x 2 rhea Patagonia hares only one snake luckily! and a few other things I don't really know the name of like a really small deer.

The best bit for me was walking for severn days in the torres de paine we did the big circuit. Although my feet hurt loads carrying a big rucksack it was great to be out camping.

Dlyan has had a wonderful time with regular trips to loads of tasty grass next door. He has only grown a little. As he is still a baby his not too fat yet.

All the orders for cards envelopes and boxes arrived amazingly as planned.


Donna said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. You can paint my fabric room anytime. I adore your pictures, they remind me of my house, that slightly chaotic but comfortable look!

Sounds like you had a great time away. Can't wait to see the photos :-)

tlc illustration said...

Wow! What a trip! I hope you post more details.

Joanna said...

I posted the slides of yesterday so hopefully will get them back soon. Will then have to work our way through all 12 rolls and scan some in. Think we might go digital the camera wieghed to much and I left my little digital at home to help save wieght. I will post more when i have the photo's.

Don I love seeing the pictures of your house becuase its just like my paintings if only I had a house like still a girl can dream!

lorna said...

What an amazing trip joanna! And to see all those animals- puts me in the mood to take a trip to the zoo.
Glad to hear that the printers were good to you, it can be touch and go with printers I find. :o)