Thursday, February 16, 2006

Necklaces and oystercatchers!

Its been a busy few weeks sending out catalogues and restocking shops, making necklaces to keep a local shop in stock and some broaches which I forgot to scan in before taking to the shop, which is very anoying. I'm having really ichy feet or fingers to do some painting soon. Am planing on making some soft cuddle rabbits too.

We have now managed to network the mac and the pc so it is much easier to get pictures across. So I thought I would also post this oystercatcher. I started painting way back in August wanted to try paint something slighty different. I felt he was not going at all right and I hated him. Managed to have a further spurt with him before christmas and got him finished. To give to my mum for christmas. She was very pleased with him but will probably want more.

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tlc illustration said...

Mmmmm. Really liked the last photo of jewelry with all the clusters of yummy looking beads. (Aren't beads great? I can't get enough of them. I hardly have to bother with the jewelry making - it's so fun to sort and fondle them...)