Monday, March 06, 2006

Birds and Butterflies

I had a little bit of a bird thing over the weekend.

Then a butterfly. I thought I would use them to have an experiment and do something a little different.

So then I painted them.

These are two love birds. Lastly when making some more flower brooches I made two little birds. I will be painting the other birds soon.


PG said...

I love the colours you are using in your work. And I adore the love birds and buttterfly. Wrapping paper. Perfect.

lorna said...

These are gorgeous! You have such a wonderful pallette of colours and patterns. I love it.

Ulla said...

Beautiful birds and butterfly, I can see them on all kinds of things. They have a textile feel to them, have you ever tried printing on fabrics? Look forward to seeing what they evolve into. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet...

tlc illustration said...

I especially like the birds and buttons together! I want to wear one of the painted butterflies as a brooch. How fun.

CAS said...

Hi Joanna!

I love your jewellery and your paintings and your rabbit and I've just been to your website, which is absolutely totally, utterly gorgeous! Your paintings have the kind of charm which makes you relax, slow down and grin all over your face. I particularly liked 'Bathtime'!

Would you mind if I put your blog as one of my links?

Lots of love,

CAS (& Puflet) xxx

CAS said...

Hi Joanna!

Thanks for getting back to me - yes, please, please do link to me!

All the best,

Cathy xxx