Friday, March 31, 2006

I have not had a chance to do anything further to my new painting all week its been very frustrating. I was determined to sort it out today and not let anything get in the way. It is all drawn out on some nice smooth hot press watercolour paper. Its not dark like in the scan I had to make it darker other wise you would not see it. I add the patterns at this stage otherwise I think it would take me forever to do it twice. Some bits will still change but I can make these decisions in the first washes.


CAS said...

Hi Joanna!

Did you make it to the exhibition in London? If so, how was it? I'm hoping to go down on Sunday, which will be the first real opportunity I've had!

Cathy xxx

Carol said...

Hi Joanna,

today I finally got around to visit your website in detail. Your an amazing good drawer/painter. I love your country style! One can see that the new picture is going to be very beautifulful too!