Monday, March 13, 2006

I'm changing my provider for hosting my domain name so there will be a little disruption with my email and website for the next 24-48 hrs. The new company has been really helpful, as it actually has a human that replies to your emails.

Little Treasures,

I found some pretty little buttons to top up my button tin, in the charity shop. I also ended up up buying some lovely handsown hankies as I felt I should by something after the lady was not going to charge me. Over the week end I had some fun with mod rock. I had never used it before as I always seemed to miss out at school for some reason. I think my subject found it a relatively painless experiance. This is the beginning of a venetion mask I have been promising to make for ages. I will have to get thinking how it can be decorated.
I have a new black and white bird to add to the bird collection, I think it looks like a jail bird though! I had some lovely new beads delivered and could not resist making them into necklaces straight away. I love just seeing the beads, like little sweeties.


tlc illustration said...

No kidding. Fat, red, transparent glass beads make my mouth water! I hardly need to make anything out of them - fondling and sorting them is almost enough! :-)

Joanna said...

I know just what you meen I can sit for ages just looking and aranging them on the carpet.

Ulla said...

Can't wait to see your mask! and such lovely necklaces... The little black bird reminds me of your last post!

CAS said...

Have fun with the mod-roc! I didn't discover it until I started teaching art, and for a long time I couldn't keep my hands off it. All in the name of doing sample pieces to show the kids, of course!

Love your beads and things, too.

Cathy xxx