Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dylan had such an exciting weekend he just wanted me to make a post about it, rabbit paws are not too good at typing. It did not start of too well as on Friday, nasty me took him to a horrid vet for a myxi jab. I did not like the vet as he held Dylan by the scruff of his neck which really frighten Dylan.

So on his lead we went to visit next door to see what the her latest creations and finds at the car boot sale where. Dylan very much liked warming up by the aga although Murphy the cat was not very sure about sharing it with him.

Then at the last minute Dylan decided it would be really mean of us not to take us him with us for the weekend. So he nervously got back in his carry box, it had too many bad memories of the vet. We got back quite late to Suffolk to my parents where he had a long run around the living room then settled down for the night in his holiday hutch.

He had two wonderful days running around a big garden and playing kiss chase with his rabbit friend Jessie. Matilda the woodpigion watched over, well from a distanced she lives 5 miles up the road, two doors down from K's parents. We made it back here late Sunday night after fighting a snow storm around the M25. Dylan jumped in his hutch and went straight to sleep exhuasted from his busy weekend.


Carol said...

I loved reading Dylan's exciting weekend story and the photos are very cute!

tlc illustration said...

Me too! Bunnies and birds and gardens. What could be better?