Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another busy weekend running about every where. We had lunch with some friends of K's in Bedford. Then rushed over to Cambridge. I had a lovely night in chatting with my grandma, she showed me lots of her old clothes and some crochet my great grandma made. The crochet had such fine detail, I did wonder whether I inherited an eye for detail from her.

We stayed the night in Cambridge at grandma's. K came back late but not too drunk from a dinner at his old college. We set of in search of fresh air and the hills of the peak district.

I found this lovely camp site you had to walk to and was only a short walk from the crags to do some climbing on. We put the tent up so when it did eventually relent and rain we could collapse in it and our picnic tea.

It was the first night of this year under canvas in this country and I could here the pitter patter of rain all night. It was too rainy to climb in the morning so we went to a cafe for breakfast and a quick walk up kidder. All the lambs where running around in the fields, they are so sweet. The weather had cleared and there was just time for one more climb before driving home.

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PG said...

Hmmm, even with my aversion to rough climbing, that sounds like a lovely weekend, and the rain on tent sounds lovely...