Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dylan is just about feeling better, although he went funny yesterday and stopped eating. He has been for his check up this morning and the vet is pleased that his wound is healing. He sneaked up and got ontop of the garden table to enjoy some tasty geranium cuttings.

I think he is a little sad that his little country mouse friend Ernst has seemed to have moved out of his hutch for the time being. I think Dylan must of enjoyed Ernst's conversation over dinner, about tales from the big wide world.

I was very pleased to make friends with these two donkeys in Dorset at the weekend.
I met them in a field of sheep while walking to find a spot to camp out. After the field we crossed a style into a vallery where rabbits enjoyed an evening silflay. Over the top of the brow the fox came lurking. I made lots of noise to frighten him of but I'm sure he was back to get his supper too.


Sigrun said...

Joanna, what a nice photo with the donkeys!


tlc illustration said...

What a lot of critters! You look very darlings with the donkeys.

Carol said...

Joanna is that you with the donkeys? Cute pic! And I'm glad to read that Dylon is better too! I like the picture of him on the garden table :D Also thank you for E-Mail! I'm really happy with my picture! You are so talented!

Sigrun said...

Joanna, I have forgotten to answer your question. Yes, you can link me!

Sigrun :-))

Ulla said...

Love seeing you with the donkeys! and so happy Dylon is feeling better.

Beaux Cheris Creations said...

Joanna your blog is truly delightful and your artwork is absolutely lovely! I will definitely be back for a visit soon!

My Best-

Roz said...

Oh I love the photo of you with the donkeys! Darling. I'm glad dylan is feeling better.

lettuce said...

Yes, good advice. One G&T and half a bottle down so far..... Better not have any more if I plan to get to the boot fair tomorrow morning.

LOVE the wellies
And what lovely donkeys.