Friday, August 11, 2006

I feel I have not been keeping up with this blogging.

I have though been getting orders out, finding new shops.

Including sorting out my first spinner which like things do did not run as smoothly a hoped. The cards look really excellent in though I was very pleased.

Working on a top secret house portrait that somebody asked me to paint, for a birthday present. So I'm afraid I can't show it to you. I just hope they are going to like it.

I have been searching really hard for some really nice person to be able to look after Captain Rupert, while we are away, walking up lots of mountains in Scotland( I decided at last). I think he would quiet enjoy hopping up mountains and but he would probably show me up and I would be lagging behind huffing and puffing.

After making loads of phone calls and getting replies of do room at the inn. I amazingly found a rabbit rescue around the corner. Who is very happy to have him come for a holiday. I knew he would have a lovely time there when I saw so many pieces of rabbit paraphernalia walking up the drive.


Carol said...

I love to see more pictures of Rupert, he is such a gorgeous bunny!

Your spinner with all your enchanting cards looks really good!

I wish you a wonderful time in Scotland! Hafe a safe trip!!

tlc illustration said...

What a lovely bunny! Glad you got him a 'keeper' for your trip. Enjoy Scotland! (Post lots of pictures on your return.)

PG said...

Hey, that spinner looks so professional! You designs look lovely all together like that. They look lovely anyway, but like butterflies - even prettier when 'en masse'.

Rupert looks like Peter Rabbit, nibbling through the wire!

Sigrun said...

Joanna, your Rex is so cute. Rupert, what a name!


lettuce said...

I love Captain Rupert! hope he is settling in well.

natural attrill said...

He is so cute! hope you both enjoy your holidays!

CAS said...

Captain Rupert is GORGEOUS. Filkins (dwarf hamster)died recently, but he was nearly two years old and they're only supposed to live for 18 months. Nice to have such a lovely reminder that life goes on!