Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A painting I did awhile ago but it will bring up the numbers of the cards designs I'm having reprinted.

The backs of the cards are all ready to go of to the printers. I have eventually stopped getting confused with my measurements so the printers have given me a quote. They will be of later today, its always a little worrying get new designs printed but exciting too. Looking forward to seeing the square ones looking all shiny in there envelopes and cello wrappers.


tlc illustration said...

Congrats on the new cards. I love square format art. For some reason I am really drawn to things done in squares. It makes a very appealing 'stage' for your homey scenes and pets.

natural attrill said...

I like the little pic on the back of the cards. Best of luck with it all!

Sigrun said...

First I thought it is a book, but it is a card. Your paintings are so lovely, Joanna!

When I come to Britain next year, I look for your cards.


Ulla said...

Wonderful, wish my kitchen was half as charming... does yours really look like that???

lettuce said...

I agree with tlc on the squares, they look very appealing and really suit your lovely pics.

I loved your photos of Scotland too, i used to holiday and walk/climb there but haven't been for years and years.

Thanks for your comment. Yes, its been a strange and very long summer. All doing mainly ok at the moment though.

PG said...

Really nice looking, as usual!