Thursday, November 09, 2006

I had a lovely surprise in the post today. I thought it was the birthday present I had ordered for K. (Its his birthday today) But its was not it was a nicely decorated SOSF parcel. (K's present arrived later by courier). I felt a little guilty poor K only had too parcels to open and I had alls these lovely wrapped things. K had some handkerichief's from his grandma and some very posh chocolate from Captain Rupert who had been saving all his pennies to buy.

A very kind secret fairy gave me a very useful little notebook. Some pretty beads and a flower fridge magnet, that will keep my rabbit fridge magnet company if the rabbit one does not eat the flower! Both wrapped up in a smart bag. A pair of sock slippers, that I have worn today and has kept my feet extremely warm. How did the fairy know I get so cold. K came home the other day to find I had my pajamas on top of my clothes to keep warm. Most clever of all was a pretty beaded lampshade. I can now reveal why this is cleaver. We are moving! It might all not happen yet, well we will be moving as the landlord wants his house back. Captain Rupert is very excited offcourse because he will have a large garden to run about in. Anyway It does not have any lampshades and I have one now. I'm going to put it in the room that will be my work room.

Captain Rupert has another favorite chair. He sits on it and licks the cushion, I can just hear this strange licking noise in the back ground. He has had a little manicure today too but he was not too happy about that.


natural attrill said...

How exciting, I wonder who your sf is?!

Pea said...

Oh wow- lovely surprises! I'm doing the SOSF exchange too (my 1st time)and am very excited about getting my parcel. I know who my SF is though- were we meant to keep it secret?!
I really wish I had a Captain Rupert too! He is *SO* lovely!x

PG said...

Yay, another wonderful SOSF hit! I am so proud of you all (wipes away a little tear...)

CAS said...

Super sf parcel - but I really envy you your rabbit. I'm missing my small furries (furries that is, not fairies) more than I miss my ex!

Carol said...

What great news for you Joanna! :D I'm so happy for cute Capt. Ruppert when he get's a big garden to run around :D Do you already know where you gonna move to?

Anonymous said...

When we had two baby house rabbits, they suckled for comfort on the sofa fringes, and made them all soggy and worn.
It was so sweet, we didn't care as long as they were comforted.