Monday, December 04, 2006

We went to London on Sunday, I just could not wait to go up and down some escalator. I'm not sure why maybe because we live in the country and there are not any even in the nearby towns. I also saw the slides at the Tate Modern but I did not get to go down you have to book timed tickets and the queue was very long. K left me in the book department in Selfridges. It was so packed I thought I would never be able to find him again. He surprised me by coming back with this rose. Not sure the paint glass does it justice.

This picture is called 'bicycle made for two'that I'm trying to paint at the moment. I brought a new paint box on Sunday. My lovely old one which was my grandma's has been everywhere with us from Scotland to Italy to South America. So I'm looking forward to using a much smaller one that fits in a handbag easily. I only ever use 4 or 5 colours so I don't need to be lugging that around. My trusty old one will still get used I will carry on taking to my children's art lessons. In the picture is the brush case my dad gave me years ago he took out all his compasses and technical drawing stuff and its perfect for most brushes.


one of us said...

I've heard about that slide at the Tate. I don't know if I could resist, but I don't like standing in lines either. Is it as big as it looks? ~Poi Mom Jane

carolyn said...

Nice watercolor can't wait to see it finished!

Sigrun said...

London is very full in the moment. A friend was there to make shopping, it was horrible. Do you like the Tate modern? I visited her in St. Ives, I was not impressed, that is too modern for me. When my back is better, my wish is it to visit the normal Tate in London and see the Preeraphaelite-Paintings, which I love very much!
Do you know Flaming June? And Rosettis paintings?


Joanna said...

The slides at the Tate are tall. I liked standing at the top one and looking down at the poeple going down, they did not go that quick though.

I prefer the normal Tate too. I like to look at the paintings. I just wanted to see the slides, after seeing them on the news.

natural attrill said...

We are going to the Tate Liverpool this month, and then to London begining of January. Re the slides, can you book online to avoid the queues do you know?

Last year, I wasnt looking where I was going, and just followed Toby, who being 11 ran up an escalator the wrong way, needless to say I fell over, not only was it painful I also felt extremely silly!!


Pea said...

I also went to the Tate Modern a few months ago to go on the slides. It was half term and packed with children. The slides were all fully booked. I'd say get there early and book your time and then perhaps come back later/ look round the galleries?You could easily spend an hour in the shop alone! Some great stuff in the galleries too. Don't think you can book online for the slides.