Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year,

We have just got back from a lovely time over Christmas and new year. Christmas was spent with our families in Suffolk. Captain Rupert had a lovely time with Duck and Rabbit. Although looked on rather disapproving when Duck took such delight in having a frog for a snack. Captain Rupert was very lucky and got a big willow ball to chew for Christmas and a fleece rug to keep him warm. We both had colds which was a shame but we ventured out to try and work of some of the wonderful food.

Christmas day by the river in Woodbridge, K was trying out his new camera.

Boxing day there was hardly any wind so K decided not to sail and joined me for my walk along the Orwell river to Pinmill while all the sailors drifted along.

A strange a shell sculpture found on the beach at Aldeburgh.

We left Suffolk and headed up the motor way for the welsh hills where we spent a very nice but wet New Year. We did not take any photo's it was too rainy and windy but had some good walks and enjoyed drying out in the evenings.

I have been tagged by http://weirdbunny.blogspot.com/. Who was having these thoughts on Christmas or easter.

Do you prefer Spring or Winter?

Its very tricky I love winter for sitting next to the fire and warming up after long walks. Spring though has so much energy. Everything is waking up and growing which is so exciting.

Bunnies and chicks, or robins and reindeer?

Bunnies will always win, they are my favourite. I did meet two very nice reindeer selling mistletoe and christmas trees just before christmas. I had never seen a real one before. I was amazed how small they are. There feet are so weird a cross between hoofs and webbed feet. It was very interesting to see.

Lamb or turkey dinner?

I'm veggie so I will give both a miss.

Santa or the Easter bunnie?

Well I do love bunnies.

Sacks of presents, or easter egg hunts around the garden?

Thats tricky too. Chocolate is always so good.

Easter tree of Christmas tree?

Easter tree is always so lovely and you can have rabbit decorations

Daffodils or holly?


Easter eggs or tin of quality street?

Easter eggs.

Easter or Christmas?Both are very special and different. I like christmas because every body gets together when otherwise we are rushing around. Easter and the days a longer and getting warmer I love the blossom and the excuse for all the rabbits.


weirdbunny said...

Which part of Wales did you visit. You mentioned hills, brecon maybe ... oh I'll be guessing all day.

Yesterday afternoon a fox walked straight past our kitchen windown in the afternoon. The woodcutter ruched out screaming at the fox as everything bar the quail were out enjoying their freedom. The fox was so defiant.

The day before our Jack russsel patch was out with the woodcutter and the silly fox wandered towards them on the same foot path. The fox and our dog spent the next 20 minutes on the hill side chasing each other. The fox continually coming back towards the dog. Eventually the fox got bored and ran off, leaving us with a totally manic dog!

Joanna said...

Sorry I should of said. We went to Snowdonia but south of the main mountains. We stayed in a lovely converted barn ten minutes drive from the road.

Nonnie said...

Happy New Year.
Your pictures of Suffolk look lovely. It's somewhere I've always wanted to visit. I think I was taken there when I was very young but can't really remember it so it's definitely one on the list for this year.

ellie said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. As for the Xmas or Easter question, I think in Sweden I'd choose Xmas as the whole of the dark, cold Dec' month is made warmer and more jolly with lights and the excitment !Winter would be sooo long without it ! Easter is a milestone though with a feeling that spring will soon arrive here !! Happy New Year to you X

lettuce said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas.

that shell sculpture picture is fabulous.

carolyn said...

I got tagged too, must get posting again. Happy New Year!

Clare said...

Happy New Year to you, sounds like you had a lovely time away. I think I like all the seasins for their differences - although May is my favourite month of the year. We're veggies too by the way! I do enjoy your blog! Clare x

Primrose Hill said...

Love the shell sculpture photo too. Your New Year sounded lovely, I've only been to Wales once when I was a teenager but really enjoyed it, would love to go back.