Thursday, January 25, 2007

I was so excited yesterday morning to see snow had actually settled. I jumped up opened all the curtains for K to see too, then rushed down stairs to let captain Rupert out for a play. He had never seen snow before and although there was not much on his patio enclosure he enjoyed exploring and trying to work out what all this white cold stuff was about.

I carefully drove down the road to the new house. It was lovely to see all the snow on the trees just hanging, it almost felt alpine.
I met the chimney sweep and the carpet fitter. I took this picture for K to see what the new carpets are like. Its another picture of the stairs, empty rooms are just not that interesting. Its all ready for the furniture. We are going to collect it from suffolk where it is very kindly being stored. Its going to be so fun finding everthing again after two years its amazing what you can live with out. Theres not too much to do after that but still alot. Cuboards, curtains, and I'm sure we will find some other things!

I have been taged twice! The instructions are: Each player of this game starts with "6 weird things about you". Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as clearly state this rule. After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.

So here are my six weird things.

1. Well the first ones easy, I love rabbits. I get so excited when I see wild ones nibbling by the road side, or see anything with a rabbit on.
2. I love to cook anything out of flour. I'm not sure if its in my genes as my grandpa was a baker. I find it just magic how you mix this dust with water or eggs, or milk, or butter it tunrs into something edible.
3.I love pizza becuase I can make it from flour and it seems to be a world wide saving grace for vegitarians
4.I'm very happy packing up my paints and paper. Then sitting quite happily somewhere K's sailing for long periods of time.

5. I hate campsites but love camping out wild with K. Its abit scary but you get some great views.

6. I'm not really very good at shopping. I love window shopping but when it comes to making my mind up about anything I find it hard so end up coming out the shop with nothing.

That was so hard. I really apologies to the people that I will tag. So who to tag?

Ellie, Lorna, lucy, Erica, Cathy and Libby


Clare said...

Hi Joanna, it looks like you had more snow than us! Captain Rupert looks like he's enjoying it! Glad to see things are coming along withe house - I imagine you'll be so excited when you get your furniture in! Clare x

carolyn said...

Captain Rupert looks quite content there in the snow. Your new carpet is looking great, bet you can't wait to get moved in now. I agree it is hard ans the tags isn't it, I also agree that it is very, very hard to make up your mind about buying things, sometimes I go back 3 or 4 times and still can't make up my mind.

Libbys Blog said...

I just did this tag 2 days ago! So you can still read my answers under 'Oh Crikey!' Not very weird though!!

Pea said...

Ok Joanna, that's fine!Yes, I'm really busy but have a nice quiet break planned for the Yorkshire Dales in March! Can't wait!

I'll have to think of 6 weird things about me, though not sure I know 6 bloggers to send it to! xx

Cathy said...

Have done my 6 weird things! What was a bit worrying is that I could easily have come up with loads more, and I hadn't realised quite how eccentric I was getting!

Nonnie said...

Gosh, you had a lot of snow. Much more than us. Captain Rupert looks so cute sitting in it. His lovely coat will keep him nice and warm I expect.
George the bear sends love back to your bear. I'd better not tell him that yours has a sowester, he'll want one too! If I'm successful making a lifejacket I will make one for you boat bear too. Thanks for answering the tag question. It seems that virtually everyone has been tagged but I still found it difficult deciding who to tag incase they didn't want to do it.

natural attrill said...

Pea tagged us! what a fun thing to do, and interesting to read everyone elses wierd things.

lettuce said...

what very nice weirdness!

have fun with the new house.

ellie said...

Oh err ! I don't know any other bloggers ! I'm just a lonely old blogger !!!? I will probably be able to come up with at least six weird thigs about me though ! I love staircases...maybe that's weird ? So I'm glad to see a photo of your new one. Good luck in your new house. Unpacking after two years is fun, like Christmas ! You do however realise that alot of "things" you have had packed away you could easily live without, we have so many "things" these days ! XX

PG said...

Oh, it is so weird and lovely unpacking old things from storage! Weird because in a way it's like a time machine and you are unpacking a person you used to be...lovely because you fall in love with all your things again. (Or realise you don't want them anymore and have a good clear out! )

One of us said...

Hey Cpt Rupert, how's the white stuff. We don't haf that here, just grass and sand. ~Rabbie Burns

Hillside Garden said...

Captain Rupert in snow! Great photo, but cold for him.


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Joanna

Thanks for your message on my blog. No rush with the order! Let me know when you're in email contact once again as I want to ask you something. Good luck with your move.

Best wishes, Sue

Carol said...

So cool to see Capt. Ruppert enjoying the snow! They have promised us new snow today as well. I hope the moving goes well for you! Hugs Carol

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Captain Rupert looks adorable in all that snow! He is so lucky to get such a close up look. I'm not allowed.