Friday, April 13, 2007

Captain Rupert is very sad I did not post any Easter bunny messages from him. I picked him lots of extra grass and dandelion flowers to try and make it up for him. Its been wonderful to have some great weather over Easter. Its been so warm I was nearly tempted to join K sailing, but I did get some painting done instead. That's watercolour painting not gloss or emulsion although there is still plenty of that to do.

I have finally made curtains for the living room and the landing, K is very pleased - we brought the material in the sales in January. I just need to hem the patio door ones. The room feels so much lighter. Bedroom ones are next we just need to decide on the fabric.

I have uploaded a few more pictures on flickr of the House and garden.

The chest of drawers that I striped is sitting happily in the bedroom looking so much smarter. It still needs some more wax on it and the handles replaced.The garden is proving to have one or lovely things in it. Its so exciting to see things come into flower. I just love this blue/purple.

Not everything is quite so nice. This is just one of the bags of ground elder that I have dug up. Its so horrid how it wraps itself around all the other plants roots, so they just don't stand a chance. I still have loads to dig up and I'm going to have to resort to some weedkiller, which is a shame as I would normally never use it.


Angel Jem said...

Kill the insidious invader!!!! Exterminate! Exterminate!
I, too, am battling the forces of evil as represented by ground elder & let me tell you, weedkiller is too good for the little blighter. If I could use one, I bomb it out of existence, but that might just be the frustrated me talking. Keep up the battle!

PG said...

We've got on top of our ground elder by just constantly digging it up, I almost got weedkiller, but I felt so guilty (as there are so many insects in the garden) that I couldn't...but I can see the temptation.
Your home is looking lovely!

Jane said...

You can eat ground elder - that is why it was introduced into the country. I find that if you eat it the plants somehow resent being useful and diminish.
You fell off my sidebar by mistake - you are back on now - sorry

weirdbunny said...

I made a mistake of putting some ground elder roots into the compost heap today, which I've been told be the woodcutter that its a definate no no !
Your cheat of drawers looks amazing, have you decided what sort of handles to put on it?

lettuce said...

its all looking good!

yes, the chest of drawers looks lovely, good job! I love restoring old wood.

Clare said...

Hi Joanna,

A belated Happy Easter to Captain Rupert!!!

Those are lovely curtains; isn't it great to get everything together in the house for Spring?

Good luck with tackling that ground elder!

Clare x

One of us said...

Your home is lookin very nice ~Poi Mom Jane

Capt Rupert, demand more goodies for not getting to post on Easter. ~Rabbie Burns

ellie said...

Hi Joanna ! Lovely to see the pictures of your home. Everything looks so fresh ! Well done with the curtains. I hate ground elder too we've got it here !!
Sold some more of your cards at a local sale. Hope to move over to the barn ( at last) soon, a bit of painting (walls) to do first. Looking forward to ordering more cards in the not too distant future. Take care, ellie

Libbys Blog said...

Its really looking lovely now. I love all your new curtains, clever you!

carolyn said...

Ground Elder used to be thr bain of my gardening life, but I guess I've just learned to live with it because despite yersa of digging the darn stuff up and the odd squirt of Roundup I never managed to get rid of it. Maybe I should be trying Ground Elder in the salad, BTW Captain Rupert will probably like it, my guinea pigs used to love the stuff.

Cathy said...

What a beautiful house and garden, Joanna!

I know the problems with ground elder - I managed to get rid of mine eventually just by digging it up, and digging it up, and pulling off top growth and so on ...

The situation isn't helped by the fact that my next door neighbours have a plantation of it in their front garden. When it starts to flower, I nip out at night and pull the flower heads off. They don't notice!

cherry menlove said...

Such a bright and sunny living room. And those drawers.....I love them. Looking forward to seeing what handles you pop on them.

Cherry xx