Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank you to everybody who came and chatted to me at the show. I met some really lovely people, it was lovely to hear peoples comments about my paintings and I have come away with a lots of new ideas. K was a fantastic help to me again. We arrived on Thursday night with my little tiny car full of cards and tables and bunting. It all looked a little lost in the space, which was bigger than I thought, so we rushed home and found some trellis kindly left behind by the last occupant of the house and some extra flowers and things. A early start on Friday morning to add the extra things to the stand. I was very pleased with the look in the end.
Again I will post the painting here soon that I was painting at the show.


PG said...

It looks delightful! I am soooo impressed.

ellie said...

Looks lovely Joanna ! Well done you !

natural attrill said...

Wow, your stand looks amazing!!