Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This dog has a few of his old favorite things, so I think I might call him old favourite or old faithful undecided at the moment. I was painting him at the trade show and finally got him finished in Italy on our recent trip there.

We are of to another show at the weekend The Garden Show at Stansted house. If anyone is passing by please come and say hello. Its a local show, which is great to be able to come home at night. I'm still very worried about doing shows but trying to be brave.

Captain Rupert has been enjoying loads of freedom running around the garden while I have been busy sorting out orders. He has been moaning why have I not been outside with my camera taking pictures of him. He wishes he could have some of his rabbit friends over for tea to share it with. espiecally the ones who have not got a garden of there own.

I'm slowly winning the war on the ground elder but have started to do battle with the bindweed. Which I think is much worse. I have dug up as much as possible for now, keeping an eye out for any new shoots. I have not been very green fingered recently, my tomato plants have gone leggy and the slugs have eaten most other things. There are a few things left, I will have to do as Captain Rupert says and get the camera out and take some pictures.


natural attrill said...

Hello, good to read your post, I have visited a few times and wondered where you were.
Good luck with the shows, I wish you success!

PG said...

Get planting again and pinch those tomatoes back - it is not too late!

carolyn said...

Love the dog and his fav things he looks a real character. Good luck at Stanstead look forward to reading all about it. Re bindweed try training it up bamboo canes and then painting it with glyposphate type weed killer like Roundup, I know it's not exactly organic but I don't think you will ever really get rid of it by weeding alone as any little piece of root will sprout into a new plant, on the other hand you could just learn to live with it.

tlc illustration said...

I want my living room walls to be the same color as the one in your painting!

I, too, wondered where you had gotten yourself off to. DO post pictures from your vacation (I've been posting Italy pictures for the past month!)

Glad your back. Good luck with the show.

ellie said...

Hi ! He looks so cosy, what a lovely, warm painting ! I'm sure you'll enjoy the show, and that everyone will enjoy your paintings. Best wishes, Eleanor

weirdbunny said...

This new painting reminds me of my dog. Thats life style not breed. Patch is always on the chair now we don't light the fire due to the weather!