Friday, January 18, 2008

Captain Rupert has been feeling sad I have not been able to show you any pictures of him (he knows how handsome he looks), so he thought it would be nice to share one of the rabbit books we have been reading.

This is Tim rabbit from Ten Tales of Tim Rabbit, from the Tim Rabbit series by Alison Utterly, the same author as wrote little grey rabbit. Tim gets into all sorts of mischief, which scissors being naughty at rabbit school and befriending a scarecrow.
I found this little book before Christmas, I was having a little bit of a book thing, I love books and every time I tried to do some Christmas shopping I seemed to keep finding little books I could not resist. This book was all in the name of research as I would like to have some Captain Rupert stories. I'm working on a little project with someone, but I'm not going to say anymore for now.


Suzie Sews said...

You know my bunny is kind of sad at the moment, he hates all this rain he want a good old lop around the garden...

Anonymous said...

Don't be sad Captain, maybe your mum will make you some carrot cake to perk you up! ~Fiona Bun

Beeswax, said...

Sorry to hear Captain Rupert is sad, but surley he knows he has the bestest mummy ever, who always shares his daily ongoings, so a little break will be all the better for him, and his mummy too!
So chin up Rupert we are all missing you so much, and look forward to your new adventures soon...hugs and bunny ear scratches, xxx Kath x

Beeswax, said...

Dear Joanna, good luck in whatever you have in store, I am sure it will be wonderful, can't wait to hear all about it, x
As like you a clean out of all things messy, old paints and brushes, nop! they have finally found a new place to live, and it's not my jar!!
lucky you, a new wardrobe!! now just go and treat yourself to some new items to fill it with, you deserve it,
hugs, Kath x:)
P.S. I am not back myself on my blog as yet, but hope to be very soon, missing everyone so much, of course Captain Rupert most of all xxbye for now, Kath x

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yup, some banana cake is just the thing for the Captain. Or maybe just the banana!

Unfortunately if you do make and display a nice banana cake, and then display a colorful recipe, I can not commit to making it myself and also displaying it. The official cook here at the House of Rabbits does a terrible mean Banana bread, and I must not even imagine trying to upstage that!!!

Good luck with that project. We are, so to speak, All Ears!!!

Cowboys & Custard said...

Gorgeous illustrations Jo..
Simple but charming!
I loved the Alison Uttely books as a child and had the Sam Pig stories. You have just reminded me to dig out the little grey rabbit book for you..

Hope you are having a good day>>

Suzie Sews said...

Het thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I have just come in from cleaning up my bunnies home after all the rain, his home (a large wooden childrens play house) sadly got its been a real good cleaning session and now he is happy as the rain has gone away, he out doing binkies around the garden knowing he has a lovely snug bed with lots of hey grass...So he is a little happier now:-)

PG said...

It is nearly spring, the evenings really are getting lighter and Capt'n Rupe will be feeling fire in his blood again (so I would keep an eye on him after his recent philanderings!)

I was more of a Sam Pig girl, but Alison Uttley has always been a fav of mine, have you read 'A Country Child'?

Rabbits' Guy said...

Just a note ... it is Jan 23 and yet another person took a look at the Carrot Cake recipe! It may show up in some famous cookbook soon!

Lesley said...

I like the sound of Captain Rupert stories, they sound fun. Is Captain Rupert as naughty as Tim?