Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Great Balls of Wool

Oh dear what a mess and such a naughty Kitty, but who could resist that sweet Innocent face and she is having such fun after all. Does it really matter if shes pulled out all the wool from the knitting basket, and that bit of knitting oh well.... She would tell you that chasing pieces of wool is such good practice for hunting those pesky mice, how else could she sharpen up her reactions.

Just so long as she stays away from my newly decorated lampshades. We have a camera again back from the menders working like new. So I can show you how busy we have been with the house. The bedroom is getting there, I have done these lampshades to match the curtains. I'm still thinking of adding more beads they catch the light and sparkle. In the back ground is K's birthday card, the righting on the card reads 'Captain Rupert's great today list'. As he has had a huge list of building wardrobes, painting fences, chopping wood, its endless but we are nearly at the end of it for now.

These two birds flew in the window to roost in the bedroom, I have let them stay, as they match the other colours in the room. I hope that Kitty stays away from them.

K has build wonderful cupboards and shelves, this cupboard even has shelves in the doors, to hold Cd's.


Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh things are looking marvelous around the house! I see that pretty pink hyacinth in the painting below!!!

natural attrill said...

Pretty lampshade!

weirdbunny said...

There's a new bead shop in Cardiff, with really good prices. I'll have to get some and copy your lamp shade idea. It would be good to get some sparkle and refection into my room ~ Julia x

The Fluffy Tribe said...

Oh I luv the lamps and the birds in your plants. Great decorating. :) ~~Mom Jane of the Fluffy Tribe

Anonymous said...

that is a great job on the lampshade, never would have thought to decorate my shades! love it. and the painting is beautiful and playful and fun as usual! amazing

Libbys Blog said...

Ooooo! Please tell me that the the cat in balls of wool is going to be a card?