Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy New Year

We are still here, we have been busy painting and sorting out a new catalogue and tidying a very messy work room, things had just been left from when we moved in and had not been organised. I can't believe its been left so long. K has been doing organising of the bedroom by building a fitted wardrobe, which is looking very good and is on too shelves in the spare room. Captain Rupert has taken to keeping guard outside my work room, sitting on the top step of the stairs.

His not there to day as he refuses to come in from the garden the sun was nearly shining and his making the most of it.

He had meant to share pictures of his 7 favourite look out posts when he was tagged before Christmas for 7 random facts, his most upset both our cameras have finally completely given up.

Here is his list of seven favourite look out posts any way:

Top of the stairs, just outside my work room, he has to check up on me!

At the bottom of the stairs, its far enough away from the living room to be cool but close enough to the fridge, so he can keep an eye out for when carrots and toast might be on offer.

Behind the sofa, a nice save comfy burrow type place, excellent for when he feels a little shy and wants to hide from visitors

By the gate into the vegetable patch, well it might be left open one day and what a feast there might be.

At the base of the bird table, they can be very friendly to have a natter with, also if its raining he can see if I'm going to take pity on him and let him in the house.

Under the hedge, excellent few of all the garden well out of the way from next doors dogs and very goof for hiding when he does not want to go back into his house.

The other side of the garden, its excellent sport to taunt next doors dogs and see them drawl, his not scared his a captain, I'm not so sure and it worries me a little that one day they will get through.


weirdbunny said...

Let's hope he's faster than those dogs !

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy! And another beautiful painting - thank you for sharing. I long for when my puppy is old enough and calm enough that my indoor bunnies can have free roam like Captain Rupert. It sounds like he makes the most of his freedom and is quite a happy bun.

ellie said...

What a beautiful "Higglety Pigglety" veg garden ! Happy New Year Joanna, K and Captain Rupert !

Amanda said...

Happy New Year to you all too - glad to hear things are ok with you all!! Those look out posts sounds perfect - that Captain Rupert sure has his head screwed on well hehehe

Lesley said...

Happy new year! Oh my goodness, I can't believe it but you have painted my veggie patch exactly how I would love to have it! You even have a milk churn in there! Captain Rupert's not daft is he! :-)