Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Grand Tour of the Building Site

Over the summer we have been very busy with DIY and I thought it was time I should put some pics up. Before it was just holes in the ground and mud. This weekend was a long weekend but a turning point as we got the new roof on the new utility room. There is still a huge way to go but progress is being made slowly.

Warning these pictures are how it is.... a mess, I can't wait to make the garden and house look more organised and not have mud and dirt everywhere.

One little grey rabbit thinks when he grows up he might want to be a building inspector. I'm a little worried he blends in too well withe thermolite blocks!

He thinks we have used very strange building materials the only thing you can have a good chew on is the insulation.

We will knock through the kitchen window into the new space.

At the moment you can only get there through the french doors in the sitting room.

Or the new utility room that has a roof!

The grass in the front garden has had a little bit of a hard time with all the building materials stacked up, Only two bags of sand left which is wonderful, I have stacked the last few bricks on the path to give the grass a chance.

Now into the back garden....

The Bricks are waiting for the builder to come back and finish off, hopefully this week. The builder has done the foundations and the bricks we are doing the rest and the nights are drawing in so there is not so much DIY time.

The bigger window in the middle is the kitchen one, the one we will knock through and have french doors opening into the new space.

Our nice new drive way we finish a few months ago is now covered in all the mud, waiting to be collected. Our builder did try and off load some more bricks from his house onto the pile. I think he was most amused when I said no wait I need those.........

I have just enough to finish the edging on the raised beds. All of which have been doing well over the summer, keeping us in runner beans, carrots, lettuce, courgette's beetroot potatoes and fennel. Sadly the tomatoes got the blight, will have them on the patio next year as the building work should be finished.

I have leeks, cabbages, sprouting broccoli in for the winter, I must order some broad bean seeds as I will be planting them out in November again.

I think we are nearly back in action with the internet even if its painfully slow. Its been very difficult looking for building materials when it kept going down.

Next post, a painting.........


carolyn said...

Oh dear it's horrid living on a building site isn't it but the results will be so worth it.

Anonymous said...

It looks idyllic although I know you'll be glad when it's all over! I do like your view of the tree in the distance and that extension's going to be fantastic - so big!x

d. moll, l.ac. said...

Gosh, you have been busy. How great to add a new room, good thing you have a proper furry inspector. Garden looks fantastic! We have our broccoli and leeks in, some turnips, and six snow peas (they are pretty small and I am worried about them...)

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's always a pain when building work is being done, but worth it in the end!

Amanda said...

Gosh what a lot of goings on - I bet Captain Rupert is very benuddled by the whole thing! Here's hoping it all comes together nice and smoothly from now on...

The Fluffy Tribe said...

I'm doing raised beds next year, I don't care what anyone else says. Yours looks so nice, I have garden envy. Raised beds it is ~jane

Hey Cpt Rupert, do building inspectors get to chew everything? ~Rabbie

June said...

How nice to see a certain bunny again, and what a busy time he is having! :o)

Anonymous said...

Why no photo of a little grey bun in the garden area...

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hi Captain! Good to see you ... you look a bit befuddles by all the activity and change. Here is my idea .... HEAD FOR THOSE RAISED BEDS!!!!

It is going to be very nice ...

Libbys Blog said...

Wow! lots and lots going on. Just think of all that lovely space. What a difference it will make! Your veg garden looks good too, you seem to have alot of space, wish mine was wider!

Anonymous said...

that is some serious hard work!!! awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Well, this looks like a current disaster but a future joy.
I'm happy to see Captain Rupert is taking it all in stride.

tlc illustration said...

What a lot of work - and wonderful it is all going to be! The raised beds look amazing (I'm coveting the bricks. Keep hoping to find a load of castoffs at some point so that I can edge mine like you've done yours).

Thanks for sharing a peek!

Rachael Rabbit said...

Your garden is still looking wonderful! Building inspector or not - Captain Rupert is really the best looking bunny I have ever seen. I'm such a fan of his ;-)

LOUISE said...

My runner beans were a disaster this year, they literally didn't get off the ground. I will try a different make of seeds next year, I love runners, and I really missed having them. Your vegetable beds do look really good. All your extension work is going to be really great space once finished, and lots more nooks and crannies for Captain Rupert to explore. x

Anonymous said...

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