Thursday, December 21, 2006

Captain Rupert has been looking bored in his patio compound. I have stopped letting him in the house as much although I know he really wants to come in. He just can't resist chewing all K's electric cables, I quickly fixed the last one that I discovered when the radio did not turn on.

So I have taken him out into the rest of the garden on his lead. Its too big just to let him run free unfortunately. His looking forward to his new garden which will be fairly big but safe for rabbits to have fun hopping around. Today he just loved all the long frosty grass he bounced along like a Kangaroo and stopped for little tasty bites of grass.
Terry the duck has safely arrived at my parents for her two week holiday. Captain Rupert can't wait to meet her and see rabbit again. They are planning what vegetarian feasts they could have for Christmas. Ducks favourite food seems to be cucumber soup, but I'm not sure her rabbit friends would like that too much.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is Bramble driving down the country lanes back to his lovely country cottage, after a really tasty picnic. Hope Bramble approves of his very shiny red car. Bramble is a lovely cuddle looking dog who lives in London. I thought I would wait till I finished this one so Bramble could not peek.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Apon a bicycle made for two

Monday, December 04, 2006

We went to London on Sunday, I just could not wait to go up and down some escalator. I'm not sure why maybe because we live in the country and there are not any even in the nearby towns. I also saw the slides at the Tate Modern but I did not get to go down you have to book timed tickets and the queue was very long. K left me in the book department in Selfridges. It was so packed I thought I would never be able to find him again. He surprised me by coming back with this rose. Not sure the paint glass does it justice.

This picture is called 'bicycle made for two'that I'm trying to paint at the moment. I brought a new paint box on Sunday. My lovely old one which was my grandma's has been everywhere with us from Scotland to Italy to South America. So I'm looking forward to using a much smaller one that fits in a handbag easily. I only ever use 4 or 5 colours so I don't need to be lugging that around. My trusty old one will still get used I will carry on taking to my children's art lessons. In the picture is the brush case my dad gave me years ago he took out all his compasses and technical drawing stuff and its perfect for most brushes.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I have been meaning to scan in the sharks teeth from the beach at the rocks. There is a big sandy cliff from a sand deposited millions of years ago in a otherwise muddy river. As it erodes it releases the teeth from sharks that swam there all that time ago.

Today with have been on another long walk down around the south downs. We did the walk last year and finished in the dark, making a fatal mistake of not checking the batteries in the head torch.

So we thought we would do it back to front from last time. We actually cut it a little short but it was still a lovely walk. Finishing by the light of the moon and a little extra help from a head torch with batteries.

Captain Rupert is feeling a little sad at not having rabbit to stay anymore, I have told him they will see each other again at christmas and they will be having a real life duck vistor to the hutch as well. It did not cheer him up too much but I'm giving him lots of extra hugs. Captain Rupert is just a little in the bad books though becuase he has chewed through K's mobile phone charger

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rabbit has been safely delivered to his new home in Suffolk with my mum.

Mum makes lovely baskets so I took this picture of them, I made the bag ages ago but thought it looked nice with mums baskets.

We looked after Millie at the weekend too K's parents dog. She was very tricky to take a photo of as she keeps moving. Here she is modeling a little chair mum made recently on a rustic gardening course.

I made some storage boxes over the weekend by covering some old box files with material and adding a ribbon. Dad let me have an old anglepoise from his garage as I'm having terrible trouble to do painting in the evenings. I was so pleased too I found some treasure, I had been trying to find for ages. My grandma had given me boxes of broken beads and buttons ages ago. It had some how got buried under all my other boxes while they are being stored. This time I went to see what I could find in the loft and there was the last treasure box, it was such fun.

Millie enjoyed a really long walk by a really pretty Suffolk river (the river Deben). I actually took the camera, but I should of had it on a different setting or we should of finished the walk earlier so the pictures turned out. It was quite dark by the time we finished.

We might of got back sooner from our walk if we had not spent so much time looking for fossilised sharks teeth. I can't beleave we have both sailed on the river for years but have never actually looked for sharks teeth only hearing that its a special place for them. After not long looking I found some.

Millie was not bothered finding footpaths back in the dark, she bounced along very happily, I'm not sure we wore her out.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Who is this..... Captain Rupert? No his the new bun for my mum.

Jessie sadly died a few weeks ago mum was very sad. I have been down to Brighton today to find this little brother of Captain Rupert for her. Mum has not seen him yet so he has no name I'm calling him rabbit for now. I'm still in Brighton at my brothers so not sure what Captain Rupert will make of him when I get back later!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I had a lovely surprise in the post today. I thought it was the birthday present I had ordered for K. (Its his birthday today) But its was not it was a nicely decorated SOSF parcel. (K's present arrived later by courier). I felt a little guilty poor K only had too parcels to open and I had alls these lovely wrapped things. K had some handkerichief's from his grandma and some very posh chocolate from Captain Rupert who had been saving all his pennies to buy.

A very kind secret fairy gave me a very useful little notebook. Some pretty beads and a flower fridge magnet, that will keep my rabbit fridge magnet company if the rabbit one does not eat the flower! Both wrapped up in a smart bag. A pair of sock slippers, that I have worn today and has kept my feet extremely warm. How did the fairy know I get so cold. K came home the other day to find I had my pajamas on top of my clothes to keep warm. Most clever of all was a pretty beaded lampshade. I can now reveal why this is cleaver. We are moving! It might all not happen yet, well we will be moving as the landlord wants his house back. Captain Rupert is very excited offcourse because he will have a large garden to run about in. Anyway It does not have any lampshades and I have one now. I'm going to put it in the room that will be my work room.

Captain Rupert has another favorite chair. He sits on it and licks the cushion, I can just hear this strange licking noise in the back ground. He has had a little manicure today too but he was not too happy about that.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A belated Halloween with my little pumpkin collection. I have been using them to make some warming soup. Now I see this photo on the computer, I imagine they are suddenly going to turn into beautiful gleaming golden coaches or something equally wonderful.Captain Rupert has been tucking into a nice warm slice of toast to warm him up in the mornings. There has been some lovely white misty frosts. His fur has become like the thickest warmest velvet you could ever imagine, I hope it keeps him warm enough.

I got some painting done at the weekend. K went sailing in his boat for the first time since July. I think they are all silly its far too cold. I take all my paints and reference down and sit in front of the lovely open log and paint.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have been very busy the last few weeks stocking shops. I was going to up load the rough to this painting last week but blogger was being temperamental.

I had the idea while having dinner at a friends. I hope she does not mind, she does not have mice, but the picture suddenly popped into my head.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Captain Rupert has enjoyed his first adventure in Suffolk and met Jessie rabbit. Jessie was not feeling too well on Saturday having had a bad reaction to some mite treatment. Jessie felt much better on Sunday and she enjoyed a quick game of kiss chase with Captain Rupert!

I think she was playing a little hard to get!

There was a little time for a little munch.

And I can't find Captain Rupert.

Captain Rupert found an all important rabbit skill of digging holes.

Captain Rupert found Jessie in the end and then it was time to go home all too soon.

I had a visit to Jimmy's farm, they had lots of visitors for an sausage open day. I loved the guinea pig village, you could go into the enclosures and stroke the guinea pigs and rabbits once you had found them. I wondered who lived in each house.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Captain Rupert has been doing a little shopping in my new wicker basket I was kindly given at the week end.
This repeat pattern saved just fine and loaded up ok.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I have had a little play with some of the waders. Making a repeat pattern that won't load on and lookinging at a flat back ground. I was surprised how different my work looked.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A painting I did awhile ago but it will bring up the numbers of the cards designs I'm having reprinted.

The backs of the cards are all ready to go of to the printers. I have eventually stopped getting confused with my measurements so the printers have given me a quote. They will be of later today, its always a little worrying get new designs printed but exciting too. Looking forward to seeing the square ones looking all shiny in there envelopes and cello wrappers.

Friday, September 01, 2006

One more painting. These paintings are going to be for my next cards. The new cards will be square 150mm x 150mm and will have words on the front. Something that was suggested to me ages ago but I never felt the a6 size cards needed it. I have been practising my writing which has been quiet tricky - I have messy writing that goes in all directions. So its been trying to get some sort of thing that people can read! There is a pile of paper like the one above so I can work out which ones I like best.

K has been super helpful and sorted out my photoshop problems and packing cards for me.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

We are back from Scotland!

I had never been so far north before it was excellent to follow the sun and have longer evenings again. Not so good are the midges and the rain. Mostly we had fairly good weather and I feel fitter for following K up a few steep mountains. Best of all we found a lovely beach on a loch to camp wild on my birthday it was the only night with out midge, which made camping alot more enjoyable. (You can wash, cook, have the tent doors open etc with out being bitten). K cooked me a lovely meal of pasta on his stove and we fell asleep watching the sunset. No pics unfortunately of the beach, we have only taken a few for some reason for the whole trip. Might of been the midge, rain, or that scrambling over mountains wore us out too much!

If you look carefully you can spot me on one of the pinnacles we had to scramble up. (Mum this is the hardest scramble on the mainland!). We followed the ridge to the far left top, before descending down a horridly steep slope for about 1000m.
K remainded me when I loaded the pics on the computer that we climbed up the mountain in the centre of this pic not going to attempt to spell the name!

A handsome pair that seemed to enjoy watching the odd car pass by from the safety of behind there gate.

Captain Rupert had a lovely holiday too, with his new found holiday pals, Mrs Simpson and sergeant Sniffles.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I feel I have not been keeping up with this blogging.

I have though been getting orders out, finding new shops.

Including sorting out my first spinner which like things do did not run as smoothly a hoped. The cards look really excellent in though I was very pleased.

Working on a top secret house portrait that somebody asked me to paint, for a birthday present. So I'm afraid I can't show it to you. I just hope they are going to like it.

I have been searching really hard for some really nice person to be able to look after Captain Rupert, while we are away, walking up lots of mountains in Scotland( I decided at last). I think he would quiet enjoy hopping up mountains and but he would probably show me up and I would be lagging behind huffing and puffing.

After making loads of phone calls and getting replies of do room at the inn. I amazingly found a rabbit rescue around the corner. Who is very happy to have him come for a holiday. I knew he would have a lovely time there when I saw so many pieces of rabbit paraphernalia walking up the drive.