Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Finished cake!


This is a little rough I was doing for a cake idea. Last night I eventually got it started. I have been wating to show a work in progress but I scanned this in a little late it does not quite show how I start. I use yellow orcha to help me make the first decisions, I then use a slight variations to the printing primaries to build up the colour. This means I can do all the colour mixing on the paper.

To finish of I use a purple to try and define some of the shadows and detail not there yet. In the cake in progress I am still building up the colour. Not sure I should of put the pink wash on the layer third from top, but still I will see how it goes.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The first slide scaned

This was a really hard bit of path that kept going up and down with laders and bridges.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Necklaces and oystercatchers!

Its been a busy few weeks sending out catalogues and restocking shops, making necklaces to keep a local shop in stock and some broaches which I forgot to scan in before taking to the shop, which is very anoying. I'm having really ichy feet or fingers to do some painting soon. Am planing on making some soft cuddle rabbits too.

We have now managed to network the mac and the pc so it is much easier to get pictures across. So I thought I would also post this oystercatcher. I started painting way back in August wanted to try paint something slighty different. I felt he was not going at all right and I hated him. Managed to have a further spurt with him before christmas and got him finished. To give to my mum for christmas. She was very pleased with him but will probably want more.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm back from a whiz bang tour of south America. Our photo's have been shot on slide film so I will have to wait to put some up here.

I'm sorry I did not have any time to draw but when we stopped each day eyes shut and I was asleep.

Door to door these are all the forms of transport we used.

Car, minibus, plane, airport bus x2, plane, taxi x4, plane, taxi, bus x3 ,coach, boat, bus, boat, bus, boat, coach, bus, taxi, plane, taxi, plane, taxi, bus, bus, lotand lots of walking, minibus, bus, bus, hire car, more walking, plane, hire car, plane, taxi, plane, airport bus x2, plane, minbus, car

This is a list of all the animals we saw Flamingoes conders humming birds loads of other birds I did not know the names of sheep cows guanacos sealoins penguins elephant seals lizards armadillo x 2 rhea Patagonia hares only one snake luckily! and a few other things I don't really know the name of like a really small deer.

The best bit for me was walking for severn days in the torres de paine we did the big circuit. Although my feet hurt loads carrying a big rucksack it was great to be out camping.

Dlyan has had a wonderful time with regular trips to loads of tasty grass next door. He has only grown a little. As he is still a baby his not too fat yet.

All the orders for cards envelopes and boxes arrived amazingly as planned.