Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dylan is just about feeling better, although he went funny yesterday and stopped eating. He has been for his check up this morning and the vet is pleased that his wound is healing. He sneaked up and got ontop of the garden table to enjoy some tasty geranium cuttings.

I think he is a little sad that his little country mouse friend Ernst has seemed to have moved out of his hutch for the time being. I think Dylan must of enjoyed Ernst's conversation over dinner, about tales from the big wide world.

I was very pleased to make friends with these two donkeys in Dorset at the weekend.
I met them in a field of sheep while walking to find a spot to camp out. After the field we crossed a style into a vallery where rabbits enjoyed an evening silflay. Over the top of the brow the fox came lurking. I made lots of noise to frighten him of but I'm sure he was back to get his supper too.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Walkies please.......

Got there at last with this one, I think!

Dylan has had a little ordeal this week. He has been for the snip poor chap. It was so sad when he was at the vets not seeing him hop around. He reacted badly to the anesthetic, and stopped breathing, thankyou to the vet that resuscitated him, however you do that to a rabbit. Yesterday he was still quite groggy and I fed him lots of his favorite vine leaves as he did not want to eat much else. Today he is nearly back to tiger bouncing, but a little annoyed he can't get to the vine as hopefully I have blocked up his escape holes.

Friday, June 16, 2006

All week I have had this poor dog in my head and his been absolutly desperate to go for a walk. He cuased a little bit of trouble getting him on to paper, I think he had got really bored as the original sitting up dog holding his lead is know laying down. I liked the first rough but thenhad a sudden thought that there really needed to be a glimps of fresh are and freedom. So I have added a door in the top left.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dylan had a super wonderful weekend running around a whole garden and playing kiss chase with his rabbit friend Jessie. Mums garden is looking very nice. We planted up the old coper water tank, with different lavender, when the copper goes green it will be lovely colours. I hope the weather is good for when she is taking part in a garden open event.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I came across a wonky hut posted on lettuce eating blog

I thought that looks familiar.... and it was in a blog entry about a holiday in Suffolk. I love the wonky hut, I did this painting a long while ago and could not decide which angle to paint so I painted it from the from and side. It sits very proudly by some little fishing boats on Felixstowe sea front, a beach I know very well.

At the same time I painted this little shelter. I love all the Victorian little woodwork details.

I took some lovely photo's of our picnic we had last Friday in petworth park and then while bobbing about in a rescue boat on chichester harbour managed to delete everything. It was very annoying.
I have had a first attempt of pizza with my Italian OO flour. Next time I need to get the base even thinner but it was a great improvement to pizza with normal strong flour.

The ghost cat is now nolonger a ghost but a real cat desperately trying to get in to her tin of sardines.

Here is a very rough, rough of a few ideas I'm working on, It is reminding me of the weekend on the beach at Beer with all the beach huts and deckchairs. Not sure what will become of it and I'm a little worried I need to paint some not so summery scenes. Its very hard when the sun is shining to paint Christmas cards. I spent much of last August doing that.

Dylan is sulking and not happy at all. Yesterday for the first time ever he made a flying leap for freedom and got out of our patio area. It was lovely to see him bouncing around all the grass. It really would be great to let him run free but I might never see him again and that would be sad. We hopefully will be taking him to visit his rabbit friend Jessie in Suffolk at the weekend and he can have a good run around mums garden.