Thursday, August 24, 2006

We are back from Scotland!

I had never been so far north before it was excellent to follow the sun and have longer evenings again. Not so good are the midges and the rain. Mostly we had fairly good weather and I feel fitter for following K up a few steep mountains. Best of all we found a lovely beach on a loch to camp wild on my birthday it was the only night with out midge, which made camping alot more enjoyable. (You can wash, cook, have the tent doors open etc with out being bitten). K cooked me a lovely meal of pasta on his stove and we fell asleep watching the sunset. No pics unfortunately of the beach, we have only taken a few for some reason for the whole trip. Might of been the midge, rain, or that scrambling over mountains wore us out too much!

If you look carefully you can spot me on one of the pinnacles we had to scramble up. (Mum this is the hardest scramble on the mainland!). We followed the ridge to the far left top, before descending down a horridly steep slope for about 1000m.
K remainded me when I loaded the pics on the computer that we climbed up the mountain in the centre of this pic not going to attempt to spell the name!

A handsome pair that seemed to enjoy watching the odd car pass by from the safety of behind there gate.

Captain Rupert had a lovely holiday too, with his new found holiday pals, Mrs Simpson and sergeant Sniffles.

Friday, August 11, 2006

I feel I have not been keeping up with this blogging.

I have though been getting orders out, finding new shops.

Including sorting out my first spinner which like things do did not run as smoothly a hoped. The cards look really excellent in though I was very pleased.

Working on a top secret house portrait that somebody asked me to paint, for a birthday present. So I'm afraid I can't show it to you. I just hope they are going to like it.

I have been searching really hard for some really nice person to be able to look after Captain Rupert, while we are away, walking up lots of mountains in Scotland( I decided at last). I think he would quiet enjoy hopping up mountains and but he would probably show me up and I would be lagging behind huffing and puffing.

After making loads of phone calls and getting replies of do room at the inn. I amazingly found a rabbit rescue around the corner. Who is very happy to have him come for a holiday. I knew he would have a lovely time there when I saw so many pieces of rabbit paraphernalia walking up the drive.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I feel I got a little carried away with the detail. It has taken me ages!