Monday, November 20, 2006

Rabbit has been safely delivered to his new home in Suffolk with my mum.

Mum makes lovely baskets so I took this picture of them, I made the bag ages ago but thought it looked nice with mums baskets.

We looked after Millie at the weekend too K's parents dog. She was very tricky to take a photo of as she keeps moving. Here she is modeling a little chair mum made recently on a rustic gardening course.

I made some storage boxes over the weekend by covering some old box files with material and adding a ribbon. Dad let me have an old anglepoise from his garage as I'm having terrible trouble to do painting in the evenings. I was so pleased too I found some treasure, I had been trying to find for ages. My grandma had given me boxes of broken beads and buttons ages ago. It had some how got buried under all my other boxes while they are being stored. This time I went to see what I could find in the loft and there was the last treasure box, it was such fun.

Millie enjoyed a really long walk by a really pretty Suffolk river (the river Deben). I actually took the camera, but I should of had it on a different setting or we should of finished the walk earlier so the pictures turned out. It was quite dark by the time we finished.

We might of got back sooner from our walk if we had not spent so much time looking for fossilised sharks teeth. I can't beleave we have both sailed on the river for years but have never actually looked for sharks teeth only hearing that its a special place for them. After not long looking I found some.

Millie was not bothered finding footpaths back in the dark, she bounced along very happily, I'm not sure we wore her out.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Who is this..... Captain Rupert? No his the new bun for my mum.

Jessie sadly died a few weeks ago mum was very sad. I have been down to Brighton today to find this little brother of Captain Rupert for her. Mum has not seen him yet so he has no name I'm calling him rabbit for now. I'm still in Brighton at my brothers so not sure what Captain Rupert will make of him when I get back later!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I had a lovely surprise in the post today. I thought it was the birthday present I had ordered for K. (Its his birthday today) But its was not it was a nicely decorated SOSF parcel. (K's present arrived later by courier). I felt a little guilty poor K only had too parcels to open and I had alls these lovely wrapped things. K had some handkerichief's from his grandma and some very posh chocolate from Captain Rupert who had been saving all his pennies to buy.

A very kind secret fairy gave me a very useful little notebook. Some pretty beads and a flower fridge magnet, that will keep my rabbit fridge magnet company if the rabbit one does not eat the flower! Both wrapped up in a smart bag. A pair of sock slippers, that I have worn today and has kept my feet extremely warm. How did the fairy know I get so cold. K came home the other day to find I had my pajamas on top of my clothes to keep warm. Most clever of all was a pretty beaded lampshade. I can now reveal why this is cleaver. We are moving! It might all not happen yet, well we will be moving as the landlord wants his house back. Captain Rupert is very excited offcourse because he will have a large garden to run about in. Anyway It does not have any lampshades and I have one now. I'm going to put it in the room that will be my work room.

Captain Rupert has another favorite chair. He sits on it and licks the cushion, I can just hear this strange licking noise in the back ground. He has had a little manicure today too but he was not too happy about that.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A belated Halloween with my little pumpkin collection. I have been using them to make some warming soup. Now I see this photo on the computer, I imagine they are suddenly going to turn into beautiful gleaming golden coaches or something equally wonderful.Captain Rupert has been tucking into a nice warm slice of toast to warm him up in the mornings. There has been some lovely white misty frosts. His fur has become like the thickest warmest velvet you could ever imagine, I hope it keeps him warm enough.

I got some painting done at the weekend. K went sailing in his boat for the first time since July. I think they are all silly its far too cold. I take all my paints and reference down and sit in front of the lovely open log and paint.