Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have a very happy christmas.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a lucky bunny Captain Rupert is, I think his Christmas has come early. And thank you for all the concern over his little sneeze, he dried out just find. I always get worried when a rabbit sneezes any sign of illness can be serious in a rabbit. Its me who has been suffering the cold which is on the mend but has developed into a cough, K has been layed up in bed with a bug too.

Onto Captain Ruperts thank yous, Firstly he would like to thank, Louise at home is where the heart is for his award. Its his first ever award and he did an extra big binky (rabbit hop skip and a jump).

A while ago we received this wonderful little package from Julia with a little pillow for Captain Rupert to rest his little head on. Which he needed after the excitement of the tea party. I told Captain Rupert he should of said thank you sooner but then he only answered me back and said I ate all the chocolate so should of said thank you sooner as well. Thank you very much it was very kind of you.

As you can see its just the right size and Captain Rupert enjoys having a little snooze resting on it.

We have both been delighted that some of Captain Ruperts rabbit friends at the house of rabbits who could not make it too his tea party had been able to cook there own carrot cake. Hope you all enjoyed is as much as us.

Today we received another package in the post Captain Rupert was ever so excited to see his very own name on the address and could not wait to open it. It was all wonderfully wrapped with a lovely post card. It was some Captain Rupert size bunting from Nonnie. How perfect and Captain Rupert could not wait to get decorating. Rabbits can be so impatient sometimes.

Thank you so much it will be displayed proudly some where captain Rupert has not quite decided wheres best he thinks it needs a little thought and he needs a little help to reach. It will be wonderful too at his next tea party or when the warmer weather arrives next year I think he would like to have a garden party.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Captain Rupert came back from the garden drenched to the bone, looking very much like a drowned rat, so he put his paws up in front of the Rayburn and slowly dried off. I thought it was far to wet for bunnies to go out and was a very good day for staying snuggled in the burrow. Even next doors dogs are not out to taunt.

Still Captain Rupert is made of stern stuff saying a little fresh air, wind, rain and lots of mud is good for a rabbits soul.

I disagreed and was ever so slightly concerned about the slightest and cutest of sneezes, that Captain Rupert tried to hide between his two front paws.

Over a cup of tea he told me of his garden adventures. Sadly no carrot cake today because we had a rather ravenous group of Captain Rupert's friends around yesterday and have completely eaten every last drop of cake. Well I think a couple went to Ernest the mouse.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Captain Ruperts very favourite carrot cake recipe

For anybody who can't make it to tea with captain rupert for one reason and another. Here is the recipe for his very favourite carrot cake. I'm making another carrot cake this week they are just such a hit with everyone.

Since not having the solid fuel raybunr K has commented on the better standards of food produced in our kitchen. Its so nice to to struggle with keeping the oven up to temp.

Over the weekend we cooked mince pies, a roast and a flan. More mince pies to go in over this week. I have frozen the last lot so we are not tempted to eat them until we have visitors next weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Please pull up a chair and join Captain Rupert and I for a cup of tea and slice of carrot cake (his favourite).

We are so please to have made room for a kitchen table, by getting rid of the old rayburn and removing a few cupboards and getting a fridgefreezer. Captain Rupert is siting on a old loydloom, tucked in the corner.

Captain Rupert was delighted to be tagged by Woodlands World Kitties

Name five favourite songs,

Well captain Rupert enjoys music, he loves sitting between the speakers in the living room and his ears twitch in time to the music. A particular favourite is of his is to listen to last night of the proms.

Five favourite toys

Well Captain Rupert is not too interested in toys preferring to go on real adventures, he has been getting on very well with Hopplesham.

Name five things your love to eat

Carrot cake is his favourite, nice pretty plants, Toast, pears/apples and nokia phone chargers - just too iristable.

Five activities you like to indulge in

Running and hopping and climbing, eating and jumping and watching out for things on my patch, taunting next doors dogs through the fence and after all that finding a nice place to sit down rest and watch the world go by.

Oh that might be more than five.

Name fav bad habbits

Captain Rupert is a rabbit and a Captain at that so could not possible have any bad habbits. His house trained, he does not make a habbit of eating wires or wooden furniture, he only nibbles bags if we put them in the way of his make shift burrow behind the sofa. His happy in the garden all day talking to the birds.

He would like to tag, because he can decide not like me.

Pickles aka Mr pig at cowboys and custard

Tualla and Bean at cupcakes at home

Falafel atFalafels storidge crate

Rabbie Burns at


But don't worry about doing the tagg if you don't have time.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Keeping Warm

Today is so grey and miserable, I can't even see the Downs or the field at the end of the garden. We are nice and warm though, thanks to our Rayburn. The picture above is Chichester Harbour on a cold Autumn day a few weeks ago. I love going for walks on cold days so you can come back to warm up in front of the fire with a nice cup of tea, made in a teapot and a piece of cake.

I had to take a picture of the last of the glowing embers of the last fire we had in the solid fuel rayburn just so I could be reminded. I miss the little fire, it was so warm and cosy and made a lovely little comforting noise.

The new rayburn is in place and just about working, I can't begin to say what an ordeal it has been. We even nearly missed a siting of a Barn Owl on a walk because we had been too busy moaning about the chap who fitted it for us.

It is so exciting having on and off heating and hot water. The house feels much better for it too. Its not that I like to have loads of heat but having it all thermostatically controlled, is so much better than arriving home at mid night and having to make a fire just so there is hot water in the morning. Or going outside and finding dry kindling, or sitting in front of it willing the fire too light. It was a kind of love hate relationship with the old rayburn.

The new rayburn has pressure jet burners so only burn when needed and this hopefully means we will burn less oil. I was very lucky, to find a five year old one for a a very good price in the free adds. Otherwise we had been think about getting the old one converted which is apparently not as efficient and much noisier. Its noisy enough while the burners are on. I hope we have made the right decision.

The other exciting thing is we created all this space in the kitchen. For 5 months we had the old and the new rayburns sitting in our little kitchen. What to do with all this space......well I'm going to save that for another post.

Since now we did not need so much wood the wood fairy decided to visit and left us with stacks of wood.

Which Captain Rupert guarded over.

Hopplesham bunny arrived with my parents and a chain saw, to chop all the wood up. My parents helped us out with finishing of lots of out standing DIY, which was worrying K. Thank you very much to my parents for all your help.

Hopplesham is an old favourite I used to play with him all the time at my grandmas. He used to belong to my aunt. I thought it was about time he came to live with us after seeing Michelle's lovely rabbit collection. Hopplesham is a stieff with a bell in his tail, but no button in his ear. I think this has long been removed due to a believe that it is cruel to pierce animals ears.

Now I have a good log pile, I can light the wood burner. Its so warm and cosy having real fire. I wood like to heat the house as much as possible in this way so we don't burn too much oil. Its a little too hot for Captain Rupert so he sneaks of to hide behide the sofa.

I have a few thank yous in order,

First thank you to Louise @ for the Schmooze award and, for another award which does not seem to be showing up in the side bar where I placed it, (I will look into that). I was really honoured to receive these. I had never had an award before. I should pass them on because I thought it was so nice, but I'm going to cope out as I could not possible decide. Thank you and sorry its taken so long.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Tea for Two

These cats I found having a really good natter and enjoying tea for two on one of these sunny Autumn days. I could not help over hearing a Little of there conversation, ones Kittens had been being very naughty and messing about with her knitting. The other cat had much sympathy and was very glad her Kittens had left home and told great tales of far flung places she gets letters and postcards telling her about great tasting mice from all corners of the world.
Little Mr Robin who has been flitting around the garden with Mrs Robin enjoying all my digging for my raised beds, is really hoping to for a little crumb of the wonderful cupcakes. I do hope the cats just share a little with him and give a piece with pink icing on to take back for Mrs Robin. Especially as I have not been doing any digging as I have been feeling a little poorly.

Captain Rupert has been looking after me very well, while I have not been very well, this last week. I need to catch up on blogs and I know there are a few thank yous in order

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Meet the Family

Old vintage prams look so comfy and cosy. My mum had a lovely big silver cross pram, that she would wheel me around in. I expect she took me for walks down to the duck pond at the end of the road and beyond getting all the wheels muddy. A lovely lady in the village takes her grandchild out for walks in a vintage pram, it must be wonderful seeing the world from from your little carriage.
Talking of meeting ones family, Captain Rupert has plucked up courage and would like to introduce his daughter little Miss Laura. He was not sure he wanted anyone really to know, I have told a few people and he has told me of, he feels ready now.

It happened, while he was on holiday with Miss Snowdrop and Great Aunt Velvet back in May. I had not idea they had kept it a secret from me. Great Aunt Velvet did her best as a chaperon of her two young charges, but she is getting on bit and nodded of for twenty winks and well... I don't need to say what happened.

Snowdrop had 3 in the litter the other two having a suit of grey just like there dad. It was all so unplanned and first time pregnancy that, Miss Laura's bothers sadly died.

I only found out about all this in August after picking Captain Rupert Up from his holidays. I asked who is that living with Miss Snowdrop, she looks like a new rabbit, how come they are getting on and then the story was told. I was a little worried Captain Rupert would have to take up his fatherly duties and she would have to come and live with us. Which I offered but she has decided to live with her mother. Captain Rupert will of course send parcels of carrots and dandelion leaves, and visit on his holidays.

Saying goodbye on his last visit. You can see she has her fathers ears. I have promised her she will grow into them. She is very proud to have grey spots like her father and some of her mothers snow white coat.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well Captain Rupert sneaked off digging to eat strawberry leaves, I sneaked off to paint the kitchen.

It all started on Sunday morning, K had gone sailing and I stayed home to get more digging done, so he could come home and relay the patio slabs.

I just wanted to paint this picture frame, which was a waxed pine and did not look right in our bedroom. So I took it down to the Kitchen to paint.

Just as I was half way through my brush slipped and on to this dark kitchen unit. (Sorry about the photo, I thought I had a better before photo, this was taken ages ago and I have painted the walls since then)

It reminded me of when I was little and I was left inside while everybody was busy in the garden. I think I had a cold or something so mum thought it best I stayed inside. I felt a little annoyed about this so decided to paint the glass on my bedroom windows. Just with poster paints nothing that would not come of easily. I remebered it was very good fun. I think I painted flowers and stars in oranges and blues but can't really remeber. Mum was of course a little cross when she returned, but soon relised that no harm was done - I hope thats right mum.

K came home from sailing and wondered why I had white dots in my hair, I said I have been painting. He wondered what. I said you will have to see. He soon found the cupboard and was very pleased with the change.

I'm very pleased with the result so here is another picture of it. I can put my mugs and glasses in with out them being lost in a dark hole. I was so pleased in fact I started on the rest of the cupboards. They are not finished yet but I will show you when they are.

This is the oil rayburn waiting to be fitted which will replace the old solid fuel one. I getting excited about having a little heat in the mornings, with lighting a fire. I never could get the old one to get up to temperature with coal. I could with logs but you need a good supply because it eats through them so quickly. Coal was good for keeping the fire in over night or in the day. I will miss the little fire going when you opened the door, it made a nice sound too. I'm planning on using the log burning as much as possible for heating in the future.

I have just been reminded about a website that has some lovely pictures of our village, they are much nicer pictures than I could take. If anybody is interested please have a look at the gravel roots website

Monday, October 08, 2007

More Digging

IMG_6493[1], originally uploaded by j.twinn.

Yet more digging. Captain Rupert has been helping us dig the new oil pipe in ready to to very sadly get have a oil rayburn to replace the solid fuel one. It was a bit of a big job for just captain rupert and he sneaked off to eat some more of the strawberry leaves and my nice blue houseplant pictured a few posts below which sadly has no flowers now..

I have just ordered the oil and its due to turn up early next week. Its going to be very sad for the old rayburn to go but I will be very happy not to have two rayburns sitting in the kitchen its just not big enough. The new old one has been with us for about 5 months. Its been really hard to find someone willing to fit a second hand oil rayburn.

Captain Rupert is looking forward to warming his toes and cooking carrot stew in front of the rayburn when its in and fitted.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

strawberry patch

strawberry patch, originally uploaded by j.twinn.

Oh dear, is that a new type of strawberry plant, no I don't think so its a funny grey colour. Oh no its Captain Rupert in my newly dug strawberry patch. Still he did help with the digging so a little munch here and there won't hurt. I have managed to fill the hole bed with runners from just two plants brought earlier this year. I will have to find more rabbit proof fencing!

Monday, October 01, 2007

A little bit of colour for a cold morning. I'm not sure what these yellow sunflower like flowers are but there is a huge clump of them in one corner of the garden. They last for ages when cut which is lovely, I'm going to have to work on some colours to display with them, I seem to have alot of yellow flowers in the garden at the moment.

The sweet peas are still going strong, although just getting powdery mildew.

In the bedroom I have picked the few hydrangea flowers we had and am letting them dry, they look lovely as you walk along the landing and see them sitting happily on the chest of drawers.

K has been very helpful in helping make these raised veggie beds. I have slowly been filling them up with soil. It was so exciting to get the first plants in. There is a temporary rabbit proof fence, in time the whole raised bed area will be of limits to rabbits. If you look really carefully in the top right of the picture below you can see captain Rupert sulking at the thought of not being able to eat the tender leaves of spinach. I don't feel to sorry for him because he still has lots of garden to bounce around in.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Home to Roost

home to roost, originally uploaded by j.twinn.

I really love painting dressers and could not resist painting another one using different colours. I have been trying to give myself a crash course in different chickens as I always paint the same types. I think she looks very compfy in her little nest. I imagine she is keeping an eye out for any crumbs that come her way.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The hedgerows are full of wonderful berries and the leaves on the trees are slowly turning there lovely golden shades. I went out hunting for rose hips being sure to leave some for the birds, to make these little hearts with.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I received a wonderful little parcel full of lovely things from Toby and Penny from their blog, natrill atrill. I was lucky enough to receive this because of celebrating the 200th post,which is amazing. I really liked the little card with a picture of a rabbit on and the rabbit bookmark all wrapped up in a little box. I have been wearing the bracelet all the time. Its made by Toby Atrill who must spend ages making all the beads which are full of glitter. I'm a big fan of glitter. Thank you very much.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We have just got back from a week on the Isle of Wight. K was sailing when it was not too windy. I huddled on the beach in lots of rugs catching up on some painting. I like it on the beach when its not sunny but pitching the tent in the rain is not the best. Its worth it once the tent is up as its so lovely and cosy with the sound of the rain on the fabric.
The best night was our last night on the Island when the weather cleared up and we took the tent to camped out wild. We watched a lovely sunset while K cooked me pasta on his petrol stove. Its my favourite meal and always tastes so good sitting by the tent. The moon made the water glitter and I thought of the owl and the pussy cat dancing by the light of the moon.

The first lot of seeds are getting sorted out. So far I have

Aquilegia, in blues, purples and pinks,

Land cress, This tastes a little like watercress. It grows in the winter and can be used in soups and salads.

Purple lupins (but only a few)

Pot Marigold, yellow and orange

Pink Poppies (only a few)

Ever lasting sweet pea, (only a few)

Coming soon, I will have a,

Love in the mist,

Holyhocks, These have been real eye catchers and I have promised seed to lots of people in the village. Double pink.

and I'm sure some other things. I'm so glad you thought sharing my seeds was a good idea. If you would like any please email your address and say what you might be interested in and I will be delighted to share the seeds with you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

seed packet label, originally uploaded by j.twinn.

I have been enjoying watching all my plants grow in the garden so much this year.

I thought it would be nice to share my garden. I have been busy collecting seeds and will be giving them away free on this blog.

The first will be packaged up in nice seed envelopes late August, I will let you know more details like what type of seeds etc nearer the time.

Monday, August 06, 2007

plum cake tart, originally uploaded by j.twinn.

While walking through our village the other day, I was very lucky to be given a tub of cooking plums. I thought it was early for plums, we enjoyed a lovely crumble. Next I'm going to try this recipe my mum gave me, it looks so nice I thought I would have a little experiment and paint it!

Captain Rupert has been having his own little feast.

Most the apples on our little apple tree have just been going rotten and falling off. I am very disappointed I was looking forward to making K lots of apple crumbles with them. Captain Rupert's eyes light up as he munches away at his treasured find. He then spends the rest of the day slightly tipsy from the fermenting apples and hiding in the shade of a nearby bush. He says what do I expect for not letting him hop down the lane to go and play with the wild rabbits and squirrels. I let it slip to Captain Rupert that they had been reported to be having great fun all joining in a game of kiss chase.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Captain Rupert has been most helpful with his consultation on how digging should begin for the raised beds, he even jumped at the chance to get his little paws dirty and give a little practical help.

He is now sulking as I told him under no circumstances can he go near the veggie patch once its planted. he thinks I'm such a spoil sport and is at this moment hiding from the rain in his hutch drawing up master plans for the great carrot robbery.
Jane Maddern makes lovely handmade soaps from Goats, Buffalo and Ewes milk. I have had a sample sitting on my desk while designing a new logo for her Buffalo milk soap and the smell has been wonderful.

Jane Maddern

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two naughty, playful little dogs.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two weeks ago we packed the car full of camping, sailing and climbing stuff, my paints and paper and caught a Ferry to France.

We camped out by the salt marsh with a view of Mont St Michel, on our drive down the coast.

Walked little higglety pigglety streets.

Paddled in the Atlantic.

We stayed the first week in Pornic a lovely little French seaside town. It was holding the Europeans for the type of boat K sails. Unfortunately the weather was not too kind and K only got to sail one day out of the regatta, as it was too windy.

We then left the Coast of France behind and drove through the night. To Zermatt in time for a dinner. We had a wonderful week in Zermatt.

K dragged me up some high Mountains higher than I had ever been before. I met this dog who seemed very used to the strange surroundings.

We camped by Marmots, who looked on puzzled by our tent.

Near the end of the week we walked up the Trift Valley to the best camp spot ever. It had mountains for K, grass and flowers for me. It was the perfect flat bit of ground, with a bubbling river.

We fell asleep just after watching the moon rise over the hill we had climbed the day before.

Then it was time to hit the road for the long drive back through Switzerland and France calling of for a wonderful lunch with friends and into a few french towns to break the journey up.

Captain Rupert is still on holiday with his great aunt, Velvet a black rex rabbit and her friends. He is going to try and make it home by tomorrow, depending on the weather.