Thursday, July 26, 2007

Captain Rupert has been most helpful with his consultation on how digging should begin for the raised beds, he even jumped at the chance to get his little paws dirty and give a little practical help.

He is now sulking as I told him under no circumstances can he go near the veggie patch once its planted. he thinks I'm such a spoil sport and is at this moment hiding from the rain in his hutch drawing up master plans for the great carrot robbery.
Jane Maddern makes lovely handmade soaps from Goats, Buffalo and Ewes milk. I have had a sample sitting on my desk while designing a new logo for her Buffalo milk soap and the smell has been wonderful.

Jane Maddern

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two naughty, playful little dogs.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Two weeks ago we packed the car full of camping, sailing and climbing stuff, my paints and paper and caught a Ferry to France.

We camped out by the salt marsh with a view of Mont St Michel, on our drive down the coast.

Walked little higglety pigglety streets.

Paddled in the Atlantic.

We stayed the first week in Pornic a lovely little French seaside town. It was holding the Europeans for the type of boat K sails. Unfortunately the weather was not too kind and K only got to sail one day out of the regatta, as it was too windy.

We then left the Coast of France behind and drove through the night. To Zermatt in time for a dinner. We had a wonderful week in Zermatt.

K dragged me up some high Mountains higher than I had ever been before. I met this dog who seemed very used to the strange surroundings.

We camped by Marmots, who looked on puzzled by our tent.

Near the end of the week we walked up the Trift Valley to the best camp spot ever. It had mountains for K, grass and flowers for me. It was the perfect flat bit of ground, with a bubbling river.

We fell asleep just after watching the moon rise over the hill we had climbed the day before.

Then it was time to hit the road for the long drive back through Switzerland and France calling of for a wonderful lunch with friends and into a few french towns to break the journey up.

Captain Rupert is still on holiday with his great aunt, Velvet a black rex rabbit and her friends. He is going to try and make it home by tomorrow, depending on the weather.