Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We have just got back from a week on the Isle of Wight. K was sailing when it was not too windy. I huddled on the beach in lots of rugs catching up on some painting. I like it on the beach when its not sunny but pitching the tent in the rain is not the best. Its worth it once the tent is up as its so lovely and cosy with the sound of the rain on the fabric.
The best night was our last night on the Island when the weather cleared up and we took the tent to camped out wild. We watched a lovely sunset while K cooked me pasta on his petrol stove. Its my favourite meal and always tastes so good sitting by the tent. The moon made the water glitter and I thought of the owl and the pussy cat dancing by the light of the moon.

The first lot of seeds are getting sorted out. So far I have

Aquilegia, in blues, purples and pinks,

Land cress, This tastes a little like watercress. It grows in the winter and can be used in soups and salads.

Purple lupins (but only a few)

Pot Marigold, yellow and orange

Pink Poppies (only a few)

Ever lasting sweet pea, (only a few)

Coming soon, I will have a,

Love in the mist,

Holyhocks, These have been real eye catchers and I have promised seed to lots of people in the village. Double pink.

and I'm sure some other things. I'm so glad you thought sharing my seeds was a good idea. If you would like any please email your address and say what you might be interested in and I will be delighted to share the seeds with you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

seed packet label, originally uploaded by j.twinn.

I have been enjoying watching all my plants grow in the garden so much this year.

I thought it would be nice to share my garden. I have been busy collecting seeds and will be giving them away free on this blog.

The first will be packaged up in nice seed envelopes late August, I will let you know more details like what type of seeds etc nearer the time.

Monday, August 06, 2007

plum cake tart, originally uploaded by j.twinn.

While walking through our village the other day, I was very lucky to be given a tub of cooking plums. I thought it was early for plums, we enjoyed a lovely crumble. Next I'm going to try this recipe my mum gave me, it looks so nice I thought I would have a little experiment and paint it!

Captain Rupert has been having his own little feast.

Most the apples on our little apple tree have just been going rotten and falling off. I am very disappointed I was looking forward to making K lots of apple crumbles with them. Captain Rupert's eyes light up as he munches away at his treasured find. He then spends the rest of the day slightly tipsy from the fermenting apples and hiding in the shade of a nearby bush. He says what do I expect for not letting him hop down the lane to go and play with the wild rabbits and squirrels. I let it slip to Captain Rupert that they had been reported to be having great fun all joining in a game of kiss chase.