Monday, October 08, 2007

More Digging

IMG_6493[1], originally uploaded by j.twinn.

Yet more digging. Captain Rupert has been helping us dig the new oil pipe in ready to to very sadly get have a oil rayburn to replace the solid fuel one. It was a bit of a big job for just captain rupert and he sneaked off to eat some more of the strawberry leaves and my nice blue houseplant pictured a few posts below which sadly has no flowers now..

I have just ordered the oil and its due to turn up early next week. Its going to be very sad for the old rayburn to go but I will be very happy not to have two rayburns sitting in the kitchen its just not big enough. The new old one has been with us for about 5 months. Its been really hard to find someone willing to fit a second hand oil rayburn.

Captain Rupert is looking forward to warming his toes and cooking carrot stew in front of the rayburn when its in and fitted.


Anonymous said...

Your bunny almost looks like a ceramic statue!! But it sure is a beauty!

this is my patch said...

Captain Rupert is most unusual, I know nothing about rabbits, is he a rare breed? Does he do your weeding for you as well!

Zinger said...

Cap'n Rupert you sure are a helpful bunny. Don't work too hard, you gotta pace yourself so your Mum doesn't then expect too much of you :-)

Holly Woods said...

Those ears:)
I do think it's a good thing that Captain Rupurt can sneak off when the work gets to be TOO MUCH. I have heard that the captain makes a very tasty, modern carrot stew;)

Gretel said...

Oh you will be toasty warm then, just in time for winter...I forsee cosy evenings in the kitchen with a certain rabbit enjoying the heat.

Holly Woods said...

dear Joanna,
My Tellie boy has asked me to inquire if Captain Rupert has a costume for Halloween?
Many thanks in advance.

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh Joanna I just love the pictures of Capt. Rupert digging, he's so beautiful and cute and your stories are really funny to read, well at least as long he's not munchin my flowers lol
And great news about the seeds! I'll send you some back from my garden! Hugs Carol xox

tlchang said...

That is one beautiful bunny.

And I SO love all your new raised beds and plant boxes! Lucky girl! (and rabbit!)

The Fluffy Tribe said...

wow you haf a huge job to do Cpt Rupert. Enjoy those strawberries on yer break time ~Rabbie Burns and The Fluffy Tribe

Libbys Blog said...

Glad to hear your sorting the Rayburns(?) out. we have to stay solid fuel as we have nowhere to put a tank for oil!!!!

Tracy x said...

wonderful to see the captain again x
binks the rabbit is going through a major moult and is waking up to some very bad hair days!!
needless to say he will not allow any photos!
tracy x

falafel said...

helo joanne

nice to see yor rabit an i hav to say i reely approov of orl this digging an given harf a charnce i like to do a bit of diging to but my owner stops me from geting to the bottom of the flour pots for sum reeson. Spoils orl my fun.

now ive got a frend corled fidget and she is a hamster to

Flaf xxxxxxxxxx

Victoria May Plum said...

Captain Rupert is always so busy, where does he get his energy from?
I need him to dig holes for my tulip bulbs!

How lovely to snuggle up with Captain Rupert next to a rayburn.

Victoria x

Joanna said...

Thats a very good idea about getting him to dig holes for my tulip bulbs, I need to do that, I will ask him very nicely.

HopHopJingleBoo said...

oh my! i love your big rabbit he is sooo handsome..i will be back,so added you to my list!

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