Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well Captain Rupert sneaked off digging to eat strawberry leaves, I sneaked off to paint the kitchen.

It all started on Sunday morning, K had gone sailing and I stayed home to get more digging done, so he could come home and relay the patio slabs.

I just wanted to paint this picture frame, which was a waxed pine and did not look right in our bedroom. So I took it down to the Kitchen to paint.

Just as I was half way through my brush slipped and on to this dark kitchen unit. (Sorry about the photo, I thought I had a better before photo, this was taken ages ago and I have painted the walls since then)

It reminded me of when I was little and I was left inside while everybody was busy in the garden. I think I had a cold or something so mum thought it best I stayed inside. I felt a little annoyed about this so decided to paint the glass on my bedroom windows. Just with poster paints nothing that would not come of easily. I remebered it was very good fun. I think I painted flowers and stars in oranges and blues but can't really remeber. Mum was of course a little cross when she returned, but soon relised that no harm was done - I hope thats right mum.

K came home from sailing and wondered why I had white dots in my hair, I said I have been painting. He wondered what. I said you will have to see. He soon found the cupboard and was very pleased with the change.

I'm very pleased with the result so here is another picture of it. I can put my mugs and glasses in with out them being lost in a dark hole. I was so pleased in fact I started on the rest of the cupboards. They are not finished yet but I will show you when they are.

This is the oil rayburn waiting to be fitted which will replace the old solid fuel one. I getting excited about having a little heat in the mornings, with lighting a fire. I never could get the old one to get up to temperature with coal. I could with logs but you need a good supply because it eats through them so quickly. Coal was good for keeping the fire in over night or in the day. I will miss the little fire going when you opened the door, it made a nice sound too. I'm planning on using the log burning as much as possible for heating in the future.

I have just been reminded about a website that has some lovely pictures of our village, they are much nicer pictures than I could take. If anybody is interested please have a look at the gravel roots website


Anonymous said...

The cupboard is transformed, looks good and an oil fired Rayburn sounds like toasy heaven.

Louise said...

Hi Joanna, all your knick knacks look so nice on your newly painted white cupboard, I am pleased K likes it. I have never owned a rayburn, at the moment we live in a 1960s bungalow, so not the right look for our kitchen, but when I get my little cottage in the country I shall have one. Captain Rupert sounds as if he is up to no good again.

Holly Woods said...

Hi Joanna,
What a charming post!
It looks like scenes from the movie THE HOLIDAY:)
Cute story about painting your bedroom window too!
Big hello to Captain Rupert.

natural attrill said...

Hello again! thanks for visitng our blog.
What a transformation, that cupboard looks fantastic, so bright and fresh looking now.
Your story of painting the windows made me laugh, glad your Mum wasnt too cross!

Clare and Mike said...

Hi Joanna, the cupboard looks great - nice and fresh! A different sort of painting for you for a change! Good luck with your new Rayburn, I'm sure it will be lovely and cosy. Clare x

Country Cottage Chic said...

The cupboard is really transformed - it looks fantastic. You're going to love your new Rayburn - I have an oil fired Aga & it's so cosy in the mornings now it's getting a bit chillier.

weirdbunny said...

Well fancy having a gold lindt bunny on your cupboard shelf ! It wouldn't last five minutes with me around.

Your cupboard looks lovely painted white ~ love Julia x

Anonymous said...

i LOVE how it turned out! if i had done it not a chance it would have turned out so nice! and love the gravel roots website.

Erica-Jane said...

What a difference a lick of paint makes!
It just 'suits' you so much better painted.
I love that rayburn and am insanely jealous. (folds arms and looks away).
We're in the throws of having a new kitchen (from ikea).
Give that bunny a cuddle from me.


Carol said...

Hi Joanna,
thank you for popping in to see me!
My dauhgter and I both laughted when we saw what you had are like me's looks soooo much better than before.I love your china tea pot !and also
love the Rayburn.......
Visit again soon.
Carol x

Cathy said...

I'd love a rayburn like that, and I think you have done totally the right thing with the cupboard. I live in a cottage which is really dark, and I've got Ikea kitchen units (which actually look fine!) in a blond wood otherwise I'd never find anything!

Sea Angels said...

Hi I just love the colour of your Rayburn scrummy. Thankyou soooo much for your really super ideas which have become part of my new plan, you are brilliant thankyou.

Holly Woods said...

Hi Joanna and Captain Rupert,
I do hope the Rayburn is toasting you all nicely.

Sally Townsend said...

Oh wow, I wished you lived round the corner, I've got a whole pile of wooden furniture to 'titivate'. My first Rayburn changed from solid fuel to oil, heavens you won't know what to do with the spare time !!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

yep we like the cupboards white too ~The Fluffy Tribe

Libbys Blog said...

Amazing change to the cupboards, really bright and cheerful!!! Love the card too. Hope this rayburn works out for you!!