Thursday, November 29, 2007

Please pull up a chair and join Captain Rupert and I for a cup of tea and slice of carrot cake (his favourite).

We are so please to have made room for a kitchen table, by getting rid of the old rayburn and removing a few cupboards and getting a fridgefreezer. Captain Rupert is siting on a old loydloom, tucked in the corner.

Captain Rupert was delighted to be tagged by Woodlands World Kitties

Name five favourite songs,

Well captain Rupert enjoys music, he loves sitting between the speakers in the living room and his ears twitch in time to the music. A particular favourite is of his is to listen to last night of the proms.

Five favourite toys

Well Captain Rupert is not too interested in toys preferring to go on real adventures, he has been getting on very well with Hopplesham.

Name five things your love to eat

Carrot cake is his favourite, nice pretty plants, Toast, pears/apples and nokia phone chargers - just too iristable.

Five activities you like to indulge in

Running and hopping and climbing, eating and jumping and watching out for things on my patch, taunting next doors dogs through the fence and after all that finding a nice place to sit down rest and watch the world go by.

Oh that might be more than five.

Name fav bad habbits

Captain Rupert is a rabbit and a Captain at that so could not possible have any bad habbits. His house trained, he does not make a habbit of eating wires or wooden furniture, he only nibbles bags if we put them in the way of his make shift burrow behind the sofa. His happy in the garden all day talking to the birds.

He would like to tag, because he can decide not like me.

Pickles aka Mr pig at cowboys and custard

Tualla and Bean at cupcakes at home

Falafel atFalafels storidge crate

Rabbie Burns at


But don't worry about doing the tagg if you don't have time.


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hi Jo
Your table looks so pretty and Captain Rupert is the icing on the cake!
I hope he enjoyed taking part in his tag!
I am going to find Pickles now and tell him he has some work to do..

Louise said...

Jo, the photo of CR eating the carrot cake is a classic, I roared out with laughter when your blog appeared on my page, he sure knows how to hold a party, and with one of my favourites, carrot cake, and he knows only to use the best china too. I feel I know CR much better, now that we know the inner depths of his psyche. But whatever his good and bad habits are, I know that he is a well-loved bunny!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yo Capt'n. Are you sure your name is not Jordan and you used to live here at the House of Rabbits? You look just like a big mini-Rex who was adopted from us awhile back.

We are having a carrot cake party Saturday and I will eat a bit in your honor!

Keep warm buddy!

DK & The Fluffies said...

Ok we want some please!

Anonymous said...

Captain Rupert seems to be one contended little bunny!

Carol said...

What a lucky Bunny he is to have such a good Mum.
His fur looks like velvet.
I can almost touch him through the screen!

Zinger said...

Thanks for tagging me :-)

I like phone chargers too - especially the cords. You are a good bun like me, I miss being able to have run of the house... that big dumb puppy is messing up my life! Oh well, mum just loves nanimals!

I'll go work on my fives now!

Shammickite said...

Captain Rupert is so sweet, I would like to give him a big cuddle and feel how soft his fur is!
And I see you posted a pic of Chichester harbour, do you live near there? My aunt and uncle lived at East Lavant, we used to spend summer holidays there.
We just got back from a month in Florida, enjoying the sunshine, the beach and all that goes with it. And now we are back in Canada, where it's cold and snowy. I think I'm pining for the sight of a palm tree!

Libbys Blog said...

My good ness a rabbit sitting so well and eating carrot cake, a classic, brilliant. Thank you so much for joining in!

tlchang said...

It was nice learning more about Captain Rupert (darling bunny). I don't know if you have run across the birdchick's blog -but she has a blog and a new book out on "Disapproving Rabbits" which is pretty darn funny. Intro and link to all can be found here: Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Captain Rupert with his carrot cake, really lovely! You must be pleased with your new kitchen layout, it's so nice to have a kitchen table and no doubt Captain Rupert agrees! Love Jackie Mx

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Captain Rupert, those are some fantastic pictures! I especially like the one of you and your bunny friend.

PS Thank you for the purthday wishes! I had a furry nice one. My present should come soon!

Anonymous said...

What a delightful photograph of Captain Rupert, I enjoyed his tag as well.
Willow House

Sigrun said...

Joanna, so nice to see the rabitt at the cake on the plate!
I think, we have the same porcellain.


Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

what an adorable bunnie

natural attrill said...

Love the photo of Captain Rupert at the tea table, would make a good greeting card!

Crafty Green Poet said...

He's such a handsome bunny and the photo of him at the table is wonderful!