Saturday, December 22, 2007

Have a very happy christmas.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What a lucky bunny Captain Rupert is, I think his Christmas has come early. And thank you for all the concern over his little sneeze, he dried out just find. I always get worried when a rabbit sneezes any sign of illness can be serious in a rabbit. Its me who has been suffering the cold which is on the mend but has developed into a cough, K has been layed up in bed with a bug too.

Onto Captain Ruperts thank yous, Firstly he would like to thank, Louise at home is where the heart is for his award. Its his first ever award and he did an extra big binky (rabbit hop skip and a jump).

A while ago we received this wonderful little package from Julia with a little pillow for Captain Rupert to rest his little head on. Which he needed after the excitement of the tea party. I told Captain Rupert he should of said thank you sooner but then he only answered me back and said I ate all the chocolate so should of said thank you sooner as well. Thank you very much it was very kind of you.

As you can see its just the right size and Captain Rupert enjoys having a little snooze resting on it.

We have both been delighted that some of Captain Ruperts rabbit friends at the house of rabbits who could not make it too his tea party had been able to cook there own carrot cake. Hope you all enjoyed is as much as us.

Today we received another package in the post Captain Rupert was ever so excited to see his very own name on the address and could not wait to open it. It was all wonderfully wrapped with a lovely post card. It was some Captain Rupert size bunting from Nonnie. How perfect and Captain Rupert could not wait to get decorating. Rabbits can be so impatient sometimes.

Thank you so much it will be displayed proudly some where captain Rupert has not quite decided wheres best he thinks it needs a little thought and he needs a little help to reach. It will be wonderful too at his next tea party or when the warmer weather arrives next year I think he would like to have a garden party.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Captain Rupert came back from the garden drenched to the bone, looking very much like a drowned rat, so he put his paws up in front of the Rayburn and slowly dried off. I thought it was far to wet for bunnies to go out and was a very good day for staying snuggled in the burrow. Even next doors dogs are not out to taunt.

Still Captain Rupert is made of stern stuff saying a little fresh air, wind, rain and lots of mud is good for a rabbits soul.

I disagreed and was ever so slightly concerned about the slightest and cutest of sneezes, that Captain Rupert tried to hide between his two front paws.

Over a cup of tea he told me of his garden adventures. Sadly no carrot cake today because we had a rather ravenous group of Captain Rupert's friends around yesterday and have completely eaten every last drop of cake. Well I think a couple went to Ernest the mouse.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Captain Ruperts very favourite carrot cake recipe

For anybody who can't make it to tea with captain rupert for one reason and another. Here is the recipe for his very favourite carrot cake. I'm making another carrot cake this week they are just such a hit with everyone.

Since not having the solid fuel raybunr K has commented on the better standards of food produced in our kitchen. Its so nice to to struggle with keeping the oven up to temp.

Over the weekend we cooked mince pies, a roast and a flan. More mince pies to go in over this week. I have frozen the last lot so we are not tempted to eat them until we have visitors next weekend.