Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh dear....

I have been having huge problems with our broadband, which has mainly not been working at all. I have even had to resort to using the Dial up to run a few Internet type errands. Its been very frustrating with trying to speak to the broadband people and going round in circles and time consuming. I think it might nearly be sorted with some help from the engineer looking at our line yesterday. We live in the middle of nowhere and its a very long line so we are lucky to get any connection at all. I thought it might of fixed its self while we have been on holiday in France the last two weeks.

Any way I have paintings and photos and ideas to share but I'm on the laptop at the moment and can't get to them at the moment as I have rearranged all the wires in the house.

I'm sorry to post with out any pictures, it somehow seems a little bare and not right. I just wanted to let you know I am still here after my rather sporadic blogging over the last few months.

Back soon with pictures.

Joanna and Captain Rupert