Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Grand Tour of the Building Site

Over the summer we have been very busy with DIY and I thought it was time I should put some pics up. Before it was just holes in the ground and mud. This weekend was a long weekend but a turning point as we got the new roof on the new utility room. There is still a huge way to go but progress is being made slowly.

Warning these pictures are how it is.... a mess, I can't wait to make the garden and house look more organised and not have mud and dirt everywhere.

One little grey rabbit thinks when he grows up he might want to be a building inspector. I'm a little worried he blends in too well withe thermolite blocks!

He thinks we have used very strange building materials the only thing you can have a good chew on is the insulation.

We will knock through the kitchen window into the new space.

At the moment you can only get there through the french doors in the sitting room.

Or the new utility room that has a roof!

The grass in the front garden has had a little bit of a hard time with all the building materials stacked up, Only two bags of sand left which is wonderful, I have stacked the last few bricks on the path to give the grass a chance.

Now into the back garden....

The Bricks are waiting for the builder to come back and finish off, hopefully this week. The builder has done the foundations and the bricks we are doing the rest and the nights are drawing in so there is not so much DIY time.

The bigger window in the middle is the kitchen one, the one we will knock through and have french doors opening into the new space.

Our nice new drive way we finish a few months ago is now covered in all the mud, waiting to be collected. Our builder did try and off load some more bricks from his house onto the pile. I think he was most amused when I said no wait I need those.........

I have just enough to finish the edging on the raised beds. All of which have been doing well over the summer, keeping us in runner beans, carrots, lettuce, courgette's beetroot potatoes and fennel. Sadly the tomatoes got the blight, will have them on the patio next year as the building work should be finished.

I have leeks, cabbages, sprouting broccoli in for the winter, I must order some broad bean seeds as I will be planting them out in November again.

I think we are nearly back in action with the internet even if its painfully slow. Its been very difficult looking for building materials when it kept going down.

Next post, a painting.........

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pieces of Paper

The trees are slowly turning their wonderful colours of autumn, the nights are drawing in and the first fires of the winter have warmed us in the chilly evenings.

Its been a funny summer, lots going on, lots of mud, rain and building work and loads of problems with the phone line Internet. The later is still not fixed but a little better. I still only have the broadband on K's laptop and I have wires trailing all over the house. For all the wires everywhere, I need to use a memory chip to get anything from to and from the scanner or printer. Its been very frustrating. The BT openreach engineer has been working really hard for us trying to find us new wires for us to be on all the way to the exchange.

With this change in season and other things slowly changing. I feel a new lease of inspiration. Which is totally wonderful and refreshing, I have a pile of rough ideas ready to be developed.

These are literally piles of ideas, piles of paper. That sit around my desk and on my notice board reminding me they would like a little of my attention.

I have never been a sketch book person, rather I prefer random sheets of paper.

I love books, I love sketch books, I love to know I have one at hand just in case, I love the feel of it in my hands leafing through the pages, sketch books really appeal as a object, its just never works in reality.

I don't like all my drawings shut away not being able to escape from between the pages, sitting on the shelf, sitting in my bag and not being able to look back at me unless I opened the book at the exact page.

So I have folders, piles and sheets of paper,

Pieces of paper can be anything, they do not even have to be blank a receipt a paper napkin.

I can cover my desk with pieces of paper, all with my scribblings on and yes sometimes they are not much better than scribbles, but it does not matter its just one piece of paper. I can see all the drawings at once on my desk, and not one is hiding behind the next page. Maybe its for this reason I only ever use one side of a piece of paper.

I can group them together into projects, there are never any pages looming up waiting to be filled with scribbles but just the right number. I can fold them up have them in my bag tuck them in a book, make neat piles, stick them in a sketch book hang on a notice board.

I do have some recent scribbles to show you.

A Westie Hall of Fame, I'm working on a new westie picture but wanted to practice getting the faces right. It turned into this hall of fame. I would like to paint these up.

Great Aunt velvet really loves sewing, she likes to keep busy sewing while keeping one eye on all the Hurley burly life of the younger rabbits. Recently she has just finished a patch work quilt, just in time for the colder winter days when the rabbits will curl up in front of the fire and tell tales and dream of the warmer months to come. Great aunt velvet has used some wonderful pieces of material, some are so treasured, and hold great memories from her younger days. If only the pieces of material could tell their story.

p.s Captain Rupert is enjoying this autumn too with bountiful windfall animals for him to eat. His had plenty of visitors, a slow worm he bumped into around the back of the wood pile. A racing pigeon who took lodgings for a few nights and the robin who spends his evenings singing from the apple tree.