Wednesday, March 18, 2009

for Captain Rupert from his brother and half sister.....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring has sprung and Captain Rupert is making the most of it. Inspecting around the daffodils.

Luckily for me he rather does not like the taste but prefers juicy bits of grass and cabbages. Mmmm he talked too much to those pesky pigeons and has made the first, two ever raids of the veg patch......I think I have fixed the pigeon problem and his raiding.

We made our deadline of a working bathroom for the 13th!!!! (No news there yet). What a relief. It seemed like the dust and dirt went on for ever but it was ten weeks from the first internal wall being knocked down.

We have even had our first dinner in the conservatory with a little heating through from the living rooms wood burner and a dust sheet on the door opening because we have not decided on them yet. Theres still lots to do but we feel we might get there one day.

(View down the stairs what ever would I have done without Hetty all the dust and dirt. Living with a concrete floor was very dirty it made the space seem complete if a little bare once new caprets went down)

(View up the stairs into the bathroom...and my piece of wood work a shelf above the bathroom door....Before the stairs came twisting round in front of the new bathroom door and the front door was the bottom left of the stairs to bit of the white door frame in the front right of photo...thats hard to imagine let alone follow)(Shower instead of the old back door)(This was the door way into the bathroom, K built in the sink and some cleaver lotions and potions shelves, we will revisit the doors to the cupboard underneath)(The wall is no more between the toilet and the bathroom making such a difference in the space, I have always been after a roll top bath and was so worried it would not work in a small space but I think it does as you can see all the extra floor underneath)