Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last long ago. And I left you in such suspense what the bumps name is.

Well we left it right to the last moment before registering his name, keeping our ideas top secret. It was very scary registering the name....had we made the wrong decision is he going to hate us for it.

Kimball wanted something with a good meaning....which I think deserves a post all of its own.

Better not keep you in suspense any longer.......the name is....Torquil George Ellis Morrison.

I will explain more in another post.

Captain Rupert was not too keen on Torquils arrival, which surprised me, he got very Territorial and spent ours guarding the door way. They seem find now. But sadly the Captain has not been too well, I really hope its not because of Torquils arrival. I'm giving him lots of tasty pickings and cuddles.....he seems a little better but not his old bouncy self, fingers crossed he will improve more.

Its been a busy few months with Torquil growing enormously quickly, he is 16 weeks and must weigh about 18 lbs.

We have ploughed on with the diy, a very low moment for me was when Torquil was 6 weeks old crying and I had the Kitchen floor covered in grout.....don't try laying 50 sqm of tiles with a baby!!!

Glad we got it all done its lovely to have all the extra space in the house. And thank you to all the parents for helping out with the tiles and painting. K has declared a summer break from DIY, although he has sneaked in a few little jobs.

I have filled the conservatory with Tomato plants and the veg patch is not doing too badly for a bit of neglect. Torquil has been helping me harvest the broad beans.

More soon..........