Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last long ago. And I left you in such suspense what the bumps name is.

Well we left it right to the last moment before registering his name, keeping our ideas top secret. It was very scary registering the name....had we made the wrong decision is he going to hate us for it.

Kimball wanted something with a good meaning....which I think deserves a post all of its own.

Better not keep you in suspense any longer.......the name is....Torquil George Ellis Morrison.

I will explain more in another post.

Captain Rupert was not too keen on Torquils arrival, which surprised me, he got very Territorial and spent ours guarding the door way. They seem find now. But sadly the Captain has not been too well, I really hope its not because of Torquils arrival. I'm giving him lots of tasty pickings and cuddles.....he seems a little better but not his old bouncy self, fingers crossed he will improve more.

Its been a busy few months with Torquil growing enormously quickly, he is 16 weeks and must weigh about 18 lbs.

We have ploughed on with the diy, a very low moment for me was when Torquil was 6 weeks old crying and I had the Kitchen floor covered in grout.....don't try laying 50 sqm of tiles with a baby!!!

Glad we got it all done its lovely to have all the extra space in the house. And thank you to all the parents for helping out with the tiles and painting. K has declared a summer break from DIY, although he has sneaked in a few little jobs.

I have filled the conservatory with Tomato plants and the veg patch is not doing too badly for a bit of neglect. Torquil has been helping me harvest the broad beans.

More soon..........




Jemjoop said...

Torquil it is, that's a lovely name. Do you call him something for short? I wanted Gus, Tate, or Finbar but we settled on Oliver. Everyone calls him Olly though.

He looks happy pottering around the garden. What a sweet boy!

I hope Captain Rupert is feeling a bit better. The house DIY is looking wonderful.


Mary Beth said...

I love the name Torquil and that is one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen!

Your conservatory is wonderful - so light and airy. I don't know that I'd ever leave it - even during rain storms. I love rain running down windows. I hope Captain Rupert is back to his old self soon.

chrissy said...

You're back! Believe it or not, I've clicked on almost every day since your last post.

Torquil is so BONNY! Hard to believe he's still only a few months old.

Everything looks beautiful: baby boy, Cpn R with his little nose out of joint, fab conservatory.

Happy days to you all.

Amanda and Tim said...

I have been wondering how you were all doing!! Torquil is a name I have not heard before so I look forward to hearing all about the meaning of it! Such a beautiful babe :o) sorry to hear about Captain Rupert not doing so well though! The conservatory looks great and I cannot believe you were grouting with such a young baby wanting all your attention too - wow! Take care and look forward to more updates soon x

Sal said...

What a happy little chappy he is!
Hope you are keeping well ;-)

tlchang said...

The conservatory is gorgeous, and that is more beautiful baby Evar! You must post many many many pictures of him. :-)

Funkymonkey said...

Your little boy looks so sweet and contented you must be very proud of him. Hope Captain Rupert soon feels better. The consveratory looks absolutely wonderful what a great space.


Hena Tayeb said...

he is just the most adorable baby ever.


Hi, What great names. Young master T looks a happy bunny:)
Lesley X

Rabbits' Guy said...

Well, how about that! The little guy and the house look great ... hang in there .. a little one can be a handful.

Bummer on the Captain. Us and The Bunns at the House of Rabbits are all just hoping the best and crossing everything for good luck.

Jess said...

I do love unusual names. Torquil's gorgeous and looks like he's enjoying your lovely garden!xx

Alice and Ginny said...

So glad all is going well with you and your gorgeous baby. I think he could give Rufus a run for his money on the cute stakes. If you are up to a meet up with the babes give me a shout - would be lovely to see you.
With love Alice (from what was the flour loft)x

Cowboys and Custard said...

I think that is a very fine name..
for a very fine young man..
How he has grown and I can see you have put him to work already. Torquil looks very much at home amongst the veg.
So happy for you Jo.. he is a beautiful baby.

Michele xx

Carla said...

I.m so glad with this post of yours. What a great boy you have and already sitting...wauw with 16 weeks....
The conservatory looks lovely, so please enjoy every minute especially this first year of Torquil. Time flies the first year. Hope captain Rupert will be okay now.

James. said...

Well done.

Tor the

Enjoy and covet every last secound... my little lad "Edward" is 4yrs now, it goes so d*m fast so make the most.

Anonymous said...

Well I've missed out on a ton being away from blogging for so long!!!

Congrats - what an exciting bump! He's a doll and I'm sure bringing huge amounts of joy to your lives.

i'm sorry the captain has had a hard time of it and only pray he is ok health wise and begins to embrace the new member of the family.

the home looks amazing too.
carri ann

Louise said...

Torquil has changed so much since your last post! He must be an absolute joy to have around, especially when he turns up amongst the veggies! I hope CR has perked up since you wrote this post. x

Flowers said...

Nice blog with a amazing picture of cutie pie sitting in a garden. Fabulous pictures.

julie said...

what a gorgeous boy he is - such a cheeky smile and a very distinguished name. Hope you're all enjoying the summer and that Captain Rupert is feeling better.

ellie said...

What a sweetiepie !! He's lovely. You have been busy baby and diy, not an easy combination I know !! All the best, Ellie

Libby said...

Awwww, he is gorgeous, I want another baby!!!!!!!

lol!!! bit old unfortunately!

Twiggy said...

What a lovely name and what a lovely boy, just gorgeous!!

Elizabeth said...

Torquil is a delight
what an amazing child.

No one is you ...& that's your power said...

Hi Joanna
Have not popped in for ages as I am not the best blogger in the world. I cant beleive since I last visited you have an addition toyour family and captain rupert has a brother too, congratulations and love the name too. I must bookmark you again. Look forward to seeing some captain rupert art with bubba!. Hope Captain Rupert is still enjoying his toast!
x Dom

Unknown said...

Hey Joanna - I've been meaning to check in on you. I hope all is going well. Our little dog isn't too keen on our new arrival either - but we have been bribing him with treats. I hope Captain Rupert comes around soon. So glad to see pictures of your little one. x

Soozcat said...

Oh, what a darling baby!

Anonymous said...

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