Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Work In progress

Had to get a quick post in before Torquil is 1 as I have not posted for far too long.

Happy birthday Torquil for tomorrow the first April.

Captain Rupert is looking forward to the celebrations tomorrow with his now best friend. Theres going to be plenty of tea cake and balloons by our Easter tree thats all ready and decorated for Easter....Captain Rupert's favourite time of year of course and now there is added reason for celebration.

My scanner has been out of action but its back and I am in the middle of a painting, so thought it was way overdue a picture on this blog. Its a work in Progress and I'm so very rusty. I did the rough on a beach back in September when Torquil was 5 months old. I had the idea when Torquil was about 6 weeks old I think I was meeting too many friends with babies in coffee shops!

Dance of the sugar plumb fairy (work on progress)

Happy Easter from us all........