Saturday, February 28, 2015

Its been a while!!!

Poor blog has been deglected, its been busy busy. 

Rabbit 'gone' said S.

RIP Captain Rupert you are sadly missed. He died peacefully July 2014 at the grand age of 9.

On brighter note snow drops are out and daffadills soon, we are looking forward to spring and easter and maybe just maybe it will be time for a real easter bunny to arrive.  


Anonymous said...

been forever, think about you from time to time. So sad to think of the passing of Captain Rupert. But I know your life has become new exciting adventures of raising a family. I hope you are mightily blessed. About a month ago I was looking for your shop on line to buy more cards. I have the last of the garden party post cards and all my notecards are used. I will look at your links now! Best to you!

Joanna said...

Hi great to hear from you. I think my shop is sadly neglected, I am picking up the pieces, need to get back to painting raising two boys is very lovely and I spoil them with far too much of my time. We sent Captain Rupert free with the wild rabbits (gave him a burial in the woods) Its near where the rabbits are having their picnic in the painting. I like to think of him running free enjoying the party. Its been nearly 8 months and the boys love rabbits, feel we are nearly ready for another bun.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad life is so good and busy growing your family and I do hope you can get another bun soon! I have moved to where I cannot and I miss them! So i have a hamster but it's just not the same!

Anonymous said...

aka mum of critters - logged in with my google account this time! if you're on fb find me - (carri ann cassabaum)

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